Hurt Spells from The Immortal's Keep

Hurt Spells

There are many ways of ‘freezing people out’,and this one which uses ice is good since it will only last as long as the ice remains frozen. The spell should only be used to prevent harm to yourself and
Depression is not an easy illness to handle and you should not regard spells such as this as a substitute for medical care. However a mojo or talisman bag can be of tremendous support in the process of
This is quite an effective spell and does give you something to do while you are waiting for true love. It makes use of candles and of plant magic. Timing is important since it uses the rising of the s
This spell contains many of the types of magic normally used in spells. There is candle, herbal and plant magic as well as representational. It is designed to make you feel better rather than have an e

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