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To perform the Qabalistic Cross,

first take a few seconds to become aware

of yourself and your surroundings. Feel

yourself as a living, thinking animal,

and feel the world around you. Then take

a second to clearly and definitely affirm

your purpose-- say to yourself:

"l will now perform the ritual exercise

of the Qabalistic Cross, in order to

achieve a state of balanced centered


Raise your hand and eyes, and

feel/see a sphere of white

light begin to blossom

above your head. Hold in

your mind your ideas about


God/dess to breathe its divine spark into

your life. Feel it coming--an infinitely

tiny point of light, infinitely bright--

from the most secret heights of space, at

infinite speed, and as it strikes the

sphere above your head and bursts into

white radiance, say "ATOH." Unto Thee.

This is for you. Toward the Divine

Thing we live our lives.

Draw down your hand. A column of

white fire moves through your body,

striking the perfectly black sphere be-

neath your feet. This sphere is the metal

and rock of the earth itself, and it is

Gaia, the three billion year old bio-film

that coats this huge spinning ball. This black

ball of energy is the atom, matter, time

and space, the real world where we live

and die. This sphere is our inheritance

and our sanctuary. Feel all this, and

thank the sphere, and say "MALKUS."

The kingdom. The spark of light streaks

down from the sphere beneath you, infi-

nilely fast, and echoes off of the begin-

ning of time. The spark returns to the

sphere carrying wisdom from the past.

You have claimed your kingdom.

Raise your hand to the center of your

chest, and draw it across to touch your

fight shoulder. A hot globe of red light

forms there. Everything that makes you

powerful is burning in that red light. It

is your mental and physical musculature,

your power to manipulate ideas, and your

ability to walk, talk, and handle objects

in the material world. That red light is

your power to say no to your mother and

father, your power to be a separate,

distinct individual. This sphere on your

right shoulder is your ability to weed

gardens, to criticize your own writing,

to choose the path with heart. Feel the

limitless strength stored in your body

and mind, and say "VE GEBURAH." The

Power. Your power shoots out of that red

sphere cutting a fine line to the right

edge of the universe, gathering all the

power in the world with it as it re-enters

the sphere.

Draw your hand across your body and

touch your left shoulder. A bar of light

follows your hand, and enters a cool

blue globe shimmering there. As the

blue light brightens, think about your

ability to sense the world. Light enters

the lens of the eye, vibration touches

the eardrum, and wonder of wonders, we

see, we hear! Think of how amazing the

world is, how astonishing it is just to

be here, and how wonderful it is to be

able to think, to feel, to dream.

This blue light is your ability to re-

ceive the world, to receive inspiration;

to understand the world and to dream of

MAGICAL BLEND--A Transformative Journey

working your artistic will in the world.

While the red sphere was your power,

this blue sphere is your Authority, based

on self-knowledge, which governs your

use of power and makes it righteous.

Hold on to your precious wonder about

the world, and say "VE GEDULAH." The

Glory. Again a line of light leaps from

the sphere, flashing to your left until it

disappears, then returning.

For a second, everything is poised.

Four spheres of light blaze in your body--

above you, below you, to your right, to

your left. Each contains a force, a do

main of your life which you must master

if you am to be whole. Feel each of

them, and feel their power grow as they

burn brighter and brighter.

Suddenly, four lances of light spear

toward the point on your chest where the

vertical and horizontal lines intersect. A

spinning golden flower appears there,

fed by the forces from the other spheres,

yet somehow controlling those forces

and weaving them together into one tire-

giving light. Invoke your Higher Self,

your Holy Guardian Angel, your Genius.

Visualize the sun flaming in the sky, the

fusing hall of hydrogen that is the gravi-

tational and energetic center of our solar

system. Feel the fusing ball of solar

power in your chest, your essence, the

center of everything which is you. With

the Light of the sun to guide you, and

with the power of your genius at hand,

you stand on the crossroads of life, capa-

ble of moving in any direction freely.

You stand in the footsteps of every

great, striving human before you. You

have taken your rightful responsibilities

into your hands. Fulfill your heritage.

Cross your hands across your chest,

hugging your specialness to yourself.

Say "Le-'OLAM, AMEN." Unto the

Ages, Amen. I accept. I am a Human Be-

ing, and I accept your bodhisattva bar-

gain. I will reincarnate my genius, make

it real in the world, learn what I can, and

help every other part of me, everything

else that exists, to learn also.

Uncross your arms and return. Look

at the world, the people and things

around you. Come out of the internal re-

ality of the ritual and occupy your ex-

tornal reality. Be present. Wake up. Ob-

serve yourself observing yourself, if you

can, but above all, be present and carry

on. The whole point of the ritual is to

balance oneself, to become clear and

centered. Tarrying in the sacred state can

disrupt the delicate instrument you have


As you practice the ritual, you will

realize that I have left out many details

in the sketchy blueprint above. The

exercise itself will stimulate insights.

It's exciting to discover the intricate

web of interlocking levels of symbolism

and physical reality contained in the

ritual. While the Qabalistic Cross is one

of the simplest of hermetic practices, in

its way it is one of the most complete.

Invoke often.

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