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A ritual to intertwine your soul with an animal one.

What you'll need:

  • 5 large metal bowls
  • Essence that represents Air, Water, Fire and Earth
  • Spirit mixture - (hair, bone, or blood of the animal in question)
  • Large pentacle
  • 6 wiccan/pagans of high knowledge, one of them being a volunteer for the ritual
  • An image of the animal in question

The ritual

Choose a place where you will not be disturbed during the ritual. 

Start by placing the large pentacle in an area you see fit, on the ground. Now place each representational incense in to a bowl, so you have 5 bowls with incense, each representing an element. One by one start placing the bowls in the respective spot of the pentacle. As you place them chant:

"These elements we give to [volunteer's name] and [animal], so that their souls wil be intertwined forever. The gift of [names of the elements] i give them." 

Then the volunteer chants while burning the image of the animal:

"I give this animal's blood to the gods below, I give this animals body to the gods above, the spirit I take to mix with my own."

The volunteer then sits in the middle of the pentacle and meditates while envisioning the animals spirit entering his own body. Let this person be alone for as long as it takes them to get used to the new spirit inside of them. Whenever they feel ready, they may share their experience.

Elements and their representation to the ritual:

Fire - Sight

Water - Taste

Earth - Smell

Air - Touch

Spirit - Hearing

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Jan 10, 2022
Dose this work

Jan 12, 2022
No. You can work with animal spirits, have an animal familiar and/or spirit guide, but you won't bind your spirit to a random animal by taking their blood and saying you want to become one with them.

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