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List of animals, mythical beasts, and their associations.

Regular Animals

Aardvark: Finding hidden things.

Alligator/Crocodile: Initiation; power; patience; basic earth energy; hold on to your money.

Apes: Communication; group government.

Armadillo: Personal protection; empathy.

Badger: Courage; bold self-expression.

Barracuda: Making it on your own.

Bat: Initiation; intuition; revealing secrets; transition.

Bear: Healing; medical diagnosis; strength.

Bee: Community; clan; work; industry; organization.

Blackbird: Enchantment; between-the-worlds work.

Black Widow Spider: Weaving a new fate.

Boar: Strength; family protection; warrior spirit; leadership.

Bobcat: Solitary magick; psychic warning; secrets.

Bull: Wealth; creativity; ability to expand opportunities.

Butterfly: Transformation; dance; artistic endeavors.

Camel: Survival during lean times

Cat: Magick; mystery; independence; psychic warning;grace.

Chameleon: Changing environment; camouflage.

Cheetah: Speed; flexibility.

Chipmunk: Finding treasures in the earth; working for the future.

Cicada: Happiness; joy.

Clam: Closing ranks for protection.

Cobra: Swift, decisive action.

Copperhead: Aggressive healing; psychism.

Cougar: Power; agility.

Crab: Good luck; protection; success

Cricket: Luck; faith; intuition.

Crocodile: Primal strength; creation; patience; Great Mother; balance.

Daddy Longlegs Spider: Invisibility.

Deer: Nature.

Dog: Guidance; protection; loyalty; friendship.

Dingo: Relentless pursuit of goals.

Dolphin: Intelligence; psychism; community; protection.

Dragonfly: Dreams; psychism; artistry.

Eagle: Intelligence; courage; decision making; carrier of prayers.

Earthworm: Reworking old projects; investigation.

Elephant: Prosperity; power; strength.

Ferret: Stealth; agility; uncovering the truth.

Firefly: Hope; inspiration; beginnings; ideas; creativity.

Fox: Shape shifting; transformation; cunning; diplomacy.

Frog: New beginnings; abundance; medicine; hidden beauty.

Garter Snake: Activity; opportunity.

Gecko: Overcoming strife.

Goat: Reaching success; confidence.

Gooses: Protection; parenting; perseverance.

Goldfish: Peace; prosperity.

Guinea Pig: Group mind.

Hawk: Cleansing; nobility; remembering; clarity; spirit messenger.

Hippopotamus: Transformation; initiation; creative power.

Horse: The Goddess; travel between the worlds; rebirth; grace.

Hummingbird: Repair relationship difficulties; healing.

Hyena: Family/clan life; group mind; heightened perception.

Impala: Grace.

Jackal: Protection from hidden danger; guidance.

Jaguar: Reclaiming power; strength; speed; ability.

Kangaroo: Forward movement.

Koala: Serenity; peace; removing sickness.

Komodo Dragon: Long life; survival.

Lady Bug: Wish fulfillment; luck; protection; prosperity.

Lemur: Heralds ghosts.

Leopard: Ghost buster; overcoming bad habits; destroying jealousy; intuition.

Lion: Courage; Strength; loyalty.

Lizard: Patience; dreaming.

Loon: Creative inspiration; fidelity.

Lynx: Vision questing; visionary work; cutting-edge mentality.

Mole: Luck.

Moth: Sending and receiving messages.

Mouse: Attention to detail.

Muskrat: Navigating through tricky situations.

Mussels: Filtering information.

Octopus: Creative center; intelligence; power.

Otter: Sharing; playfulness; grace in the water; learning to swim.

Owl: Wisdom; heightened perception; discernment; female magick; messages to and from the dead.

Panda: Nourishment; finding the heart of a problem.

Panther: Regaining one's power; protection; finding information; Dark Mother.

Pig: Abundance; fertility; intelligence.

Polar Bear: Supernatural power; guides between the worlds.

Praying Mantis: Finding solutions to problems; dreaming; using the higher mind.

Rabbit: Balance; rebirth; intuition; messages from the Spirit world.

Raccoon: Dexterity; glamour; secrecy.

Ram: Achievement; strength; success.

Rat: Intelligence; socialization; success.

Rattlesnake; Transformation; healing; cycle of life and death.

Raven: Healing; initiation; protection; messages; wisdom; balance.

Rhinoceros: Ancient wisdom.

Salamander: Inspiration; help; creativity.

Scorpion: Transformation; success; cycle of life and death; protection; weather.

Sea Horse: Honor; codes of conduct; creativity.

Seal: Dreaming: the collective conscious; birth; imagination.

Shark: Relentless ferocity; intuition.

Siberian Tiger: Creativity; power; passion; unpredictable.

Snake: Initiation; wisdom.

Spider: Weaving strong magick; fate; spiral energy.

Stag: The God; independence; purification; protection of forests.

Starfish: Working toward your desires; regeneration.

Stick Bug: Camouflage; focus.

Squirrel: Preparation; saving money; collecting.

Swan: Love; beauty; healing; dreaming.

Tiger: Strength; power; new adventures; family magick.

Toad: Inner strength; protection.

Turkey: Increase material abundance.

Turtle: Faith; patience; rewards; wisdom; creation.

Wolf: Family; clan; teaching; protection; intuition; strength.

Wolverine: Boldness; ferocity.

Zebra: Agility; finding individuality within a group.

Mythical Beasts

Centaur: Healing; shape shifting; music; divination; teaching.

Chinese Lion Dog: Guardians against evil; will drive any evil from the home.

Gargoyles: Protection of house or property; psychism; removing negative people.

Griffin: Protection; spiritual wisdom; enlightenment.

Horned Snake: Cures illness; kundalini energy; wisdom.

Phoenix: Transformation; spiritual growth.

Rainbow Serpent: Magick; rain; life;procreation.

Sphinx: Initiation; elemental magick; wisdom; mystery.

Unicorns: Good will; fame; prosperity; success; wisdom.

Winged Horse: Aids in astral travel: fame; eloquence; visiting the dead.

Winged Serpent: Wisdom; protection; teaching: guide to ancient knowledge.


When working with animals always remember not to order them what to do. Ask them for their help and tell them thank you whether they help you or not.

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