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My main method of fashioning and using cloth dolls.


I will cut two human shapes out of cloth and sew these together leaving a space open to add items.

The items added will depend on my intent for the doll. To protect finances I will add my protect finances powder (under the coven's spellbook). To harm I will add blackberry stick full of thorns, to damage the inside of a body, target. Etc.


To target an individual I will use a paper with information about the person, usually their address. However it is important that one is able to form a clear image of this individual in some way, whether it be what they look like or detailed information about them.


I reuse dolls to save on materials. Some words about reuse. While reusing a doll keep its new intent in line with its old use. For example keep a hex doll specified for hexes, simply change the target paper. Then resew. Keep a doll to attract prosperity for this purpose, etc.


Usage of these dolls will depend on the nature of their intent. A prosperity doll could be utilized by offering coins, paper money, or luxurious things, to the doll.

A hex doll will need to be held often, adding energy of malice into it. In other words for all intentions the energy work and sympathetic magic must be done.

A note on servitors

Servitors can be tied to these dolls. Simply you'd write intentions for the doll and the purpose of the seritor into the servitor's program. You should also include time frames for your servitor in its program, how long the working is to last.

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