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All about the deity, The Morrigan

The Morrigan is an extra dimensional goddess belonging to Tuatha de' Danann. The Morrigan is not her name, but her title which can translate to "the phantom queen" or "the great queen." She is from Irish folklore, often described as a goddess of death. She can take the form of an old woman, a large crow, or a beautiful woman wearing a black cloak.

She is not only the goddess of death but also the goddess of fate, war, bloodlust, fertility, and sovereignty. She is a powerful figure often described to have three parts, or made up of the three sisters; Badb, Macha, and Nemain.She has the ability to shapeshift amongst other powers. She is often represented or named Badb, while Badbd, Macha, and Nemain make up what is known as the three Morrigina. She is the wife of the Dagda.

If you are interested in working with her, or think that she may have reached out to you, some signs you should look for are; crows, ravens, the number three, the color red, and anything that comes in threes. You may also sense her presence when crows are near, you are angry, while seeking vengeance, or during a time of self love. Some things that she corresponds to are; herbs such as sage, clove, or black peppercorns. Plants such as holly, weeping willows, and black or red roses. She also prefers the scent of cloves, and dragons blood.

You may choose to worship her in anyway you want, but I would recommend setting up an alter space for her with a red cloth, red and black candles, dragons blood incense, and a plate, tray, or glass for her offerings. She prefers red wine, red meats, red fruits or vegetables, traditional Irish food, mead, crow feathers, storm water, and milk. You may say a prayer to her, or wander through a graveyard to feel her presence and speak with her. An example prayer is;

"Great Queen, The Morrigan. Please guide me through the day with your wisdom. May I be calm with a will strong as steel. Guide me through my battles, teach me when to cut, and when to be cut. let all my enemies fall to my feet and my day to be prosperous."

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