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aum connection with the state of consciousness and the gods pose ,the gods act ,brainwave , so this article is to solve mystery and making straight the misconception accross the internet , because i also write down "Why?" and the proof , words with " " is the keywords for internet surfing

lets first examine about the aum words from hindi ( i have the picture & comparison in my gallery ) , in the usual scholar the deep sleep and the waking state is somehow "inverted" in hindi aum symbol , in proof ,even brahma gods always depicted "rooting" with "Lotus flower" colored pink which in hindi language is "Patala" 

  1. There always be some kind of sort energy  deep sleep>dreaming>waking>turiya(third eye) ,from down to upper ,why? because its not archiving deep sleep to archive turiya or emptyness , in deep sleep things start in delta brainwave
  2.  Epsilon>delta(brainwave)>theta>alpha>beta>hyper beta>gamma>hyper gamma brainwave in brain is in same way as in  (delta)deep sleep>dreaming>relax>waking>turiya (gamma) , more right more higher frecuency ,thats why i dont believe the usual scholar , also because in dreaming and deep sleep we cannot move body ,but person in turiya is able to move even aware to his whole muscle , like yogis folding the stomach
  3. So A = is a deep sleep state , all start from chaos  ,even in sumerian tiamat fresh water& salt water "Tiamat&Abzu"  , "Azathoth" is actually dreaming and enter sleep , so there is "creation" ,making the "mainframe" ,the most true "fantasies",every person may have their fantasies and rules , but its not real in the real world rule, just like delusional ,then there must be one first fantasies or wide illusion,reality , (aborigine ,australian myth creation,"the dreaming francis gillen" is also the gods is dreaming )that all should obey the rules and all should use ,the "Mainframe" of the "matrix" this comes also with "brahma" which creator but always look sit in the lotus ,"emerging from lotus" "root from Lotus" from vishnu navel (lower "dantian" in chinese) this could be proof the first should be brahma , because "kundalini" comes from end of spine first ,this is the Physical plane :gross Body
  4. So U = is  dreaming state , its just between chaos and order always looping cycle just to find the true solve ( thats why you see the knot symbol in "unalome" & circling in middle of like "3" symbol , because its always cycle born death born death just like Vishnu always become Avatara in cycle , and always half sleep ,dreaming sleep in the top of ananta sheesha , the vishnu is always reside in heart chakra and maybe neck (middle "dantian")? this is the etheric plane :chakra/phrana
  5. Then M=waking state Maheswhara/ mahadeva/ shiva the destroyer ,he could be "mahakala"=beyond time  ,hindi "kala" = time , and also maha kali (goddess kali) , this means devourer of times and also asociated with death  (search internet), thats why the most fearfull things in the hindi rishi is "time" even kings,general, captain afraid of time , there must be opposite realm which destruction against bad Physical things then comes Spiritual Plane : pure mind  , which reside in upper chakras , near the brain ,third eye, (upper "dantian), this is where the Order comes ,so order associated with destruction against bad guy
  6. After aum then there is a limit of illusion="maya" in hindi ,but its like Moon sickle to upper open , this symbolism also found in "japanese samurai helm" , "Isis headress" , "horns in inanna ","horned crown anu" ( i will make the article later) ,Ka= vital spark in egyptian , notice the similarity between "horned crown anu" and "Shiva Linggam" long stone Phallus?male aspect symbolism 
  7. The last is the things cannot be said ("Lao Tzu" :eternal tao could not be said , in "Tao te ching") so almost impossible to talk and explain about this "state of consciousness", like in "matrix 1 morpheus" "you have to see it by yourself" , this state opens the third eye and eliminate all illusion , which many humans ever archived this state Emptyness plane: Will Power /Commands  also not dependent by body , there is "no Attachment like buddha" said , always descripted by "point" in forehead or "sun in head" "halo" "circle around the head" "cobra in the forehead" flame tip in the edge of most top head in buddha statue (i will make also this article later) , the gate of godhead , 
  8. Then the last is Nothingness 5 th state appear above everything "the world tarot" means nothing not even the medium , unlike empty which have medium but without a thing , this one is even no medium , absolutely nothing , no old age ,no young age , no death , no live, no suffering ,no end of suffering "prajna paramitra"(, this is the place for all Gods "brahmaloka" "vaikuntha" "kailash"(in high spiritual plane) 3 place in the top ,the "Magnum Opus" "Godhead",  empty of drawing in the upper symbol , because cannot be drawed , self plane : I am 
  9. So the order is gross body>etheric body>mind > will commands> I am self , "5 th state of consciousness" ,  tapas and hermitage is done by know yourself , "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles" Sun Tzu


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