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Just some tips for you if you are new to witchcraft. Some do's and don'ts to get you started while staying protected :)

1) Acquire many notebooks. To start off you will need 1 for basic research,and 1 for your book of shadows. These can be anything from pretty witchy leather notebooks that cost $30 to 50 cent composition books from Walmart. It really doesn't matter as long as it has paper. You can also make a notebook if you know how. This what I did for my book of shadows/grimoire.

2) Research.  Yes it sounds boring, yes you have to. You can do some research on this website, read books on some subjects etc. Always double check your sources though. If something sounds bogus it very well may be. Example: spells and articles pertaining to turning yourself into a vampire (I have seen some on this site). Don't believe everything you see on the internet kiddos. Some topics to research:

History of witchcraft
Types of witches
Types of magick
Spell methods
Closed practices
Circle casting
Color correspondences
Tools involved
Moon phases, astrology stuff etc.
Symbols, sigils, talismans, seals
Herbs, crystals, oils etc.
Deities if you plan on working with them
I know it sounds like a lot. Some are more urgent then others. I know its tempting to try and jump into spellwork but please don't. Do your research.

Random tips:

  • . First spell should be a protection spell
  • . please don't use white sage it is endangered
  • . Don't put salt in the ground you will ruin the plants
  • . Look up what crystals are ok in water, sunlight, and salt.n'Don't make my mistakes.
  • . Don't mess with demons you just started
  • . If you get a crystal ball for divination don't leave it uncovered when your not using it. If the sunlight hits it wrong it could burn  your entire house down.
  • . Dollar store has candles
  • . Dollar store has a lot of stuff
  • . Don't drink 2 week old moon water that hasn't been purified... (yes i did it. Yes i threw up)
  • . Don't watch horror movies while doing witchcraft. (Something bad got in my house)
  • . Don't do love spells to try to force your crush to love you. Its against their will, its hard to undo, and you could actually really hurt them.
  • . Put sigils everywhere :)
  • . Stir coffee/tea/any beverage clockwise to bring in good intentions, counterclockwise to banish negative energy
  • . Meditate
  • . Don't eat essential oils
  • . Don't eat random plants unless you know what they are
  • . Respect closed practices
  • .Don't do blood magic if you are new
  • . Be aware of mercury retrograde


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