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The energy of the Moon is archetypically feminine, receptive, mirroring, & cyclical. She represents the deep listening & intuitive lunar consciousness in men & women.

The practice of Moon Magick unfolds through our alignment with the natural rhythm of the moon's cycle:

~Full Moon: Time to shine & share what we're experiencing & doing. 

  • Full Moon is a traditional time for social gatherings, festivals & rituals. 
  • The outward pull is at its strongest & invites us to be wild & free; to sensually participate in creation & howl at the moon.
  • Instincts are heightened & life force is activated. In order to surf the wave & use the energy for our benefit we need to stay balanced, heart-centered & grounded.
  • Full Moons are strongly linked to relationships, love, romance & passion. 

~Waxing Gibbous: Time to nurture & support whatever we want to create or change. 

  • Its time to bring in resources, communicate & act with clarity & a strong sense of commitment. 

~First Quarter: Time to plant seeds & set intentions. 

  • The outward pull increases. A good time to take action, make decisions, formulate goals, & move forward. 

~Waxing Crescent: Time to dream & explore new potential. 

  • Open to inspiration & ideas, we envision what's possible for us & how to move forward.
  • At this stage the impulses are observed & held but not yet fixed or translated into action. 

~New Moon: Time to rest up & let go of all that no longer serves us. 

  • The New Moon bring renewal & regeneration, but first we need to empty ourselves.
  • The inward pull is at its strongest & invites us to look deep into our inner world & acknowledge both shadow & light. 

~Waning Crescent: Time to integrate. 

  • Assess what's essential, what needs to be kept & treasured & what needs to be released. Reflection & thanks-giving. 

~Last Quarter: Time to harvest. 

  • Celebrate what has grown, changed & manifested since the First Quarter. The inward pull slowly increases again. 

~Waning Gibbous: Time to complete & to keep going. 

  • This time is ideal to tie up the lose end of our projects. Discipline might be required to master, ripen, & bring to fruition that which we are working with. Right priorities & focus are required & a sense of satisfaction starts to arise from each completed step. 



~The cycle of the Moon & the Wheel of the Year share the same basic pattern of the circle & the cross. 
~There are symbolic & literal correspondences between the Moon cycle & women's menstrual cycle, which can be synchronized in various ways. I'll provide examples below. 


~First Quarter:

  • Spring
  • Sunrise
  • Childhood

~Full Moon: 

  • Summer
  • Noon
  • Adulthood
  • Ovulation 

~Last Quarter: 

  • Autumn 
  • Sunset
  • Maturity

~New Moon: 

  • Winter
  • Midnight 
  • Elderhood
  • Menstruation 


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