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This is a practical nausea relief ritual. Not a recommendation or substitute for licensed or certified medical attention. Use of information is solely for entertainment.

'Nausea Relief' consisted of combining jar/candle/sigil magic. For the ingredients, I used common craft items such as; colored candle(s), colored marker(s), notebook paper, feather(s), rocks, string, and oil(s).

In this order, I wrote my intention on a slip of paper, rubbing an oil on it to prepare myself visualizing the desired effect. I then laid it inside a paper cup, melting wax over the oil and paper 'sealing' it. My next step was calling upon my spirit to 'fly' out and 'bring' me the confidence/will power to proceed, placing a feather from a bird I respect within, then putting rocks I collected from a place of healing, pouring more wax creating a second layer. My third layer consisted of adding a layer of oil with one more slip of paper, a sigil I made with my final intention to smooth out the spell, I covered it with more rocks, then paused, charging myself feeling the rush of energy forming in the center of my forehead before releasing it into the cup by gently blowing. I poured more wax over it, let it cool, then braided colored shoestring around the rim, going all the way down the exterior. I sealed it with the cups lid, and placed it near where the person would be around.

Within 24 hours the desired effect occurred, with no more distress upsetting them.

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