Creating a lithomancy set

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A how to create a homemade stone casting set.

Creating a lithomancy set.


A how to create a homemade stone casting set.


Lithomancy is divination by the casting of stones. Sets include a number of stones, each with their own divinatory meaning. Sets can be larger or smaller depending on the individual.


First you will want to choose your stones. Some practitioners will opt for stones collected out of doors.


Others will choose to purchase their stones. You can use simple pebbles or polished quartz, garnet, or topaz. The stones normally will vary in shape, color, and size.


The idea is to use stones which call to you personally.


Next you will want to assign divinatory meanings to your stones. You may wish to write these down. In example, I use garnet to represent relationships and peacock ore to represent spirituality.


Remember if your set contains stones that may be toxic for holding such as peacock ore or bumble bee jasper, to wash your hands after use.




I recommend cleansing or blessing your lithomancy set with incense smoke. Some individuals may choose to use stones which are not safe for water. This is especially true of stones like selenite or stones found out of doors which may contain toxins. It is better to be safe if you are not experienced with stones which are not safe for water, many aren't.


Using incense with a unique scent is a wonderful and powerful way to cleanse your set.




Now it is time to practice with your set. Lithomancy can be a wonderful and in depth form of divination when you become used to it. Which stones fall next to each other? What does your gut tell you about the reading? You can even make your own paper charts to use along with your lithomancy set.


Packaging and keeping:


Choose how and where you are going to keep your stones. Small tarot bags are great for storage.


Mine is kept in a clear bag with rosemary and some foam stuffing to keep the stones safe. Exactly what you use will depend on preference and how many stones you have in a set.


Traditionally the stones were cast onto a board, yet one can keep a cloth of their choice with the set for the same purpose.

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