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Getting to know and learn Lenormand.





Familiarize yourself with your Lenormand deck.


Begin to look into the meaning of each card in the deck. One card draws daily are a simple and great way to start.


Lenormand focuses generally less on the imagery of the cards and more on their written meanings. That is not to say one can not read these intuitively, but rather one should keep the original card meanings in mind, and work off these.


Lenormand works off the basis of reading two cards together or in pairings. Continuing to pull and read cards adds more meaning to the message presented.


Reversals, too, are not used in the Lenormand system of reading cards. Always try and turn your cards upright.


Remember these cards can be intuitively read. Take note of the first thoughts that come to you, as well as following thoughts and feelings. Write these down.


There are different levels of information on each card. The number on each card represents timing. Reds are usually positive while black cards can have negative associations. As well there are neutral cards to contend with. The image on the cards represent their meanings. Playing cards give you a description of individuals within your life. The positions of the cards in the spread you use too have much to tell about a situation. Cards are also read from the left side to the right side.


Example of a card meaning:






Timing, around the 27th.


Seven of spades represents a trim individual. A positive answer.


The letter indicates a message. Word of news. Often in a written format.


An example of the meaning of a pair of cards:


Coffin- Clover


The ending of a streak of bad luck.


Parting words:


Lenormand is a wonderful and almost quirky method of oracle. It differs from tarot and other oracles in numerous ways, and makes for interesting kitchen table conversation.




Old Gypsy Secrets, Learn Le Normand Fortune Telling, by Dee Golby.

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