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A writing on how to mix, and burn your own loose incense.

How to mix:

To make a loose incense one will be using herbs, powders, and or resins. Generally you will want an even mix of these base ingredients.

Let's take a look at some options:

Your herb choice, rose petals, white.

Powder, dragon's blood powder.

Resin, frankincense resin.

Powder usually comes in a small tub. There are different varieties you can find, or you can also grind your own being mindful to use safe ingredients for burning and handling.

Herbs can be ground or cut. You will want to use dry herbs or flowers safe for burning. Do not use fresh herbs un-dried. These can decay rapidly.

Resins are usually purchased. These add another level or intent to your mix as well as adding extra scent.

Generally these ingredients are mixed and stored in a jar as a loose incense.

What loose incense is: Essentially it is just that, an herbal based loose incense. It isn't self igniting. A burner for resin or herbal incense is used along with charcoal disks and tongs. Charcoal disks can be found easily online and in some spiritual or occult shops. Burners for resin incense can be found online or in shops as well and I highly recommend using these for burning. While generally a firesafe bowl can be used, I tend to find it safer and easier to use a censor made for this variety of incense.


To use loose incense you will want to hold your charcoal disk with tongs and light the disk until it sparks. Wait until it begins to turn gray on the edges like an ember and place it with tongs in your censor. Always place it with the hollow in the middle side up. There will be a circular indent in the disk. I always face this up when placed in the burner for practicality's sake. Now that it is lit and burning sprinkle atop the disk your loose incense mix. You do not need a lot. Too much, and you will waste quite a bit of your incense.

When you are finished burning your incense, no longer sprinkle the mix and let the coal burn out on its own.


Always keep an eye on your burner. Take care not to touch the censor while hot. Use only in a well ventilated space away from pets and young children. Use tongs for holding your charcoal.

Charcoal what to do with it?

After burning when the charcoal is cool I like to use the leftover coal for practice purpose. In traditional witchcraft leftover coal can be used for black salt, or hexing powder.


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