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A self created method of divination using homemade lots and a cloth doll.

First you need to make a doll. The cloth doll acts as the querent or the individual asked about. Draw a human shape on your light cloth and cut this out. Then trace this shape on your darker cloth and cut it out. Fill the space between the two cloth shapes with a few stems of flowers, fully intact, leaves and everything. Let some of this go over the sides of the doll. It doesn't need to be perfect. Next thread your needle and begin to sew your doll making sure not to sew it too tight. When finished knot off the thread and cut the excess.

Now that this is made it is best to handmake your lots. You need not do this for the dominoes but you can make lots to represent these.

For the lots I used eight wooden square beads and two rectangular ones. For representations use symbols you are comfortable with.

To cast:

Lay down your doll, and put your lots into your closed hand/s. When ready throw your lots around your doll simultaneously, and begin to interpret.

Your 8 lots represent life areas. The dominoes each mean different things:

Set of threes- A large amount of money.

One five- An unhappy marriage, relationship.

After a time of practice you will better be able to understand what the lots mean, and how to interpret their placement after cast.

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