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If you want people to take as much away from your posts as possible, you should make sure the post's content and technical aspects are both high quality.

Some of the traits of a good post include:

- Good Spelling! If I can't make sense of your spell/article because the words are all misspelled, either I'm going to screw it up, or I'll have to try something else entirely.

- Realistic Content! This means no "fluff", aka fantasy spells like "become a werewolf" or "teleport to another room". Factually incorrect or impossible posts can do more harm than good and are not real magick.

- If possible, give some explanation into the spell. For example, if you've written a successful money spell, maybe give some insight into why you chose a green paper and not any other color, or maybe recommend a link to an article on SOM that does the explaining for you. This helps newcomers to the craft understand the inner workings of spells, and helps people of any experience make adjustments (e.g changing it to a love spell by using pink paper).

- Stay On Topic! If I'm casting your spell for money that uses green construction paper, I just need the instructions, how it works, and some insight on what happens when I cast it. I don't need to know that the construction paper you used was from a crayola 240 pack you bought 3 weeks ago when that has no effect on the spell.

- Don't Steal! Spells are like recipes- it's okay if your pumpkin pie recipe is 5 minutes of bake time and an allspice seasoning away from being the same recipe as Alton Brown's, as long as it's original and not stolen. Likewise, if your money spell is a string color, a prayer, and a candle away from a protection spell posted seven years ago, that's fine, as long as you didn't steal it, nobody ultimately cares.

- Do Your Research! Uninformed articles/spells are bad for everyone. If there are multiple opinions on the matter, like, for example, whether you should add a crystal onto your wand, then list all the different opinions, so readers can make their own informed decision on whether they might want to do or not do that.

- No personal attacks! This one's not just recommended, nor is it a mere courtesy, it's mandatory. Cyberbullying on SOM will get you gagged or removed. So if you're mad at someone for, say, making a faulty spell, you can comment that it didn't work, politely let them know, block them/report the spell as spam, let a mod know, but don't attack anybody. This is a website for everyone.

Thats all for now. May you continue on your journey, blessed be.

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