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My view of the Elements within us

The five elements appear so frequently throughout our lives- Fire for cooking, water for drinking and gardening and bathing, and Earth for walking, air for breathing- and form an essential part of us. However, the elements are inside of US as well. Within us are four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea, bound together by the fifth element, Spirit. Each element has a positive and negative side to it. For example, fire is passionate, but also angry, so if you're angry, your negative fire energy is activated. This energy also shows in your physical body, meaning that in a way, whenever your energy changes, your physical form shifts as well. Which is how transformation spells actually work. They change your energy entirely, which takes a long time. However, most people can hide that shift in energy beneath a smile or by a particular movement. If they have to laugh in an inappropriate area, than they could grind their teeth or bite their lips to stop themselves, or smile despite being angry or sad. They are, in a way, masking their energy. Some people do it better than others, some are average at it, and few don't even know how to do it. Elemental energy is within all of us, and Spirit keeps that energy firmly in place. The four elements, combined with Spirit, creates our Soul. However, despite everyone's elemental energy being same, many people have different Soul Elements. Why is that? Because your Soul Element, is, in simple terms, it is just the Elemental Energy within you that was activated from a young age. The first Elemental Energy activated within you is usually the one that you keep throughout your life. However, this energy can be changed if done quickly enough, depending on the person's upbringing, how they were raised, what kind of friends they had, etc. A part of it also depends on Zodiac, and you CAN have more than one element. People, if patient enough, can learn to control their Soul Elements, however, this control is often limited to simply summoning a gust of wind or a light sprinkle of rain, or just a flicker of candlelight. However, if the person is willing to put in the time and energy, they could probably do much more than just that. That's all for today, bye!

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