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always have all the positive energy is the most powerful energies in real life

having the positive energy is everything you must have in your bodies but not negative energy in your body always have it around with you of all times this is in real life and the rest of your own life the energy is need to be check in every time with yourself's main energies is really come within you and don't  forget to believe in your own selves  

Added to on Aug 21, 2020
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Feb 06, 2021
This sounds like toxic positivity. A shadow cannot exist without light, the stars cannot shine without the night. Negativity is a part of life, as is positivity. Having too much of either is a bad thing. Suppressing what we consider negative will overload our shadow self and we will lash out in unexpected ways. Furthermore, what one considers ''negative'' is subjective. If someone was assaulted, they will feel violated, scared, angry, and sad. Telling this person they are dwelling on the negative and should embrace the positive is toxic and wrong. It leads to more pain. Should this person chose to curse their attacker, or forgive them, is not up to us to choose. The survivor needs to ask themselves what they view is healthy and aligns best with their morals. What matters is you lay a strong foundation, so when turmoil arrives, you are grounded enough to weather the storm and return to your center sooner than if you were adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Feb 20, 2021
I agree very much with you Tadashi. I have spoken to others with such a desire for positive vibes, that they would label others they didn't see fit as negative vibration people. In essence coming off as the deciding factor and the be all and end all of the vibrations of another. However I do not feel this is exactly how nickmas intended to sound. No one is entirely a positive individual or a negative individual. I don't myself feel it so much about a balance, but rather; expressive both positive and negative qualities in a healthy manner. Anger can be expressed respectfully in some circumstances. Such as expressing a respectful disagreement or debate. Positivity can be expressed in a very unhealthy manner as well. When one is so positive they lose touch with actual fact and reality. Aside from all these views expressed the article could use some correction of grammar. Though I do not believe myself nickmas had intended toxicity within the article exactly.

Feb 21, 2021
True, I do not believe it was their intention. The medium is the message, however, so without hearing nickmas speak, all I have is how it is written. To me, it came across pushing a ''love and light only'' mindset. Especially after reading the description. As you said, you can express both in a healthy way. Going for a jog to calm down after a fight. Listening to music that makes you smile to heal from a sad moment. The problem is when you put a positive spin on every situation. Your grandmother died? Just look on the bright side instead of being sad! It is that. It is natural to be sad, angry, lost after a loved one passed away. Expecting someone to smile and be positive is toxic and, in my opinion, will invite negativity in since you are suppressing what is natural. This article does need a rewrite, and definitely more clarification and examples, but I do not blame nickmas, or feel they intended to harm anyone. I feel they had a good idea and shared it without proof reading it, because to them, it was perfect. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with admitting fault or trying again. We are all learning and improving each day, and I hope an editor, or nickmas, can spruce up this article because it does have potential.

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