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This article i will go over Shadow Circle. I can not take all the credit of course i have the help from the book i have by brittany nightshade

A Shadow Circle is a sacred and shielded place to conduct rituals that require the utmost concentration and focus. Cast this circle to prevent any stray energies that could potentially interrupt or hinder your ability to concentrate and focus your intentions. The Circle is actually a sphere of protection that can potentially be any size that you wish. In this ritual I'll be using an athame to cast the circle, but you could use a wand, your hand a staff pretty much any phallic tool will work

for this you will need: Athame, Wand, Staff or hand Space to create a circle

Visualize the darkness flowing around you. Take your athame in your left hand and thrust it southwards, in a counterclockwise motion, turn 360 degrees until you arrive back at the southern starting point

As the Shadows Circle around you, feel the pressure build and the shadow energy compressing together. Feel the cold of the Abyss all around you, feel its chill, but don't let it affect your concentration.

As the shadows close in, push them back into a 6 foot circle around you, creating a barrier of darkness. This is your Shadow Circle, a protected sacred place that will allow you to conduct your rituals uninterrupted.

Now you may conduct a ritual, meditate, or anything else that requires perfect focus. Close the circle by cutting it with your athame in the dominate hand. Spend time meditating inside the Shadow Circle to strengthen your concentration, power, and ability to focus your intentions when conducting dark magic.

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