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About the Kijo shikigami.


A Kijo is a female Oni or demon made from feminine and negative energies to be used as a Shikigami.

Appearance of Kijo

Kijo manifest and appear seen as woman with white, blue, red, black, or another extravagant colored skin. They have horns atop their heads that appear like antlers or goat horns. These horns or antlers are usually white or black. Some Kijo appear as beautiful woman with these listed qualities. Some appear with monstrous faces, claws, and long talon-like toenails. Kijo have blue, green, or yellow sometimes red eyes that are hawk or cat like. Many Kijo are said to have snake like qualities in the tongue, mouth, and sometimes eyes.

Magical powers of Kijo

Kijo are very magical in terms of necromancy, astral projection, dream work, and love magick. They are considered to be able to practice these magical arts through mudras, chants, and meditations. Since Kijo are Shikigami born from a certain aspect or created intent from the practitioner they are able to practice relatable magical acts and practices.

Offerings and Feedings of the Kijo

Kijo are like most Shikigami gaining their life giving forces from the energies of the magician. Therefore they are also able to feed of negative energies and consume powers from love spells; weakening the love spell or banishing it. Kijo enjoy incense and things that remind them of love and feminine prosperity. Kijo are also very fond of the water element.

Dreams from a Kijo

Even though a Kijo would be considered a water element in spirit. Dreams from a Kijo may occur in forms of dreaming of blue fire or will'o the wisps of blue, light blu, sometimes violet flames. These dreams often relate to the will'o the wisp speaking to the magician in the form of gorgeous woman voice or a beautiful feminine laugh.

Possession by a Kijo

Kijo do not willingly possess individuals or families unless forced or commanded to by the magician. The symptoms of possessions are Sensations of upper stomach cramps the descend from the imagination. As well as negative thoughts about love, extreme jealousy issues, and possessive angers revolving around a spouse or lover. To remove the Kijo's spiritual hold it is best to light a white candle, or ignore her thoughts and practice self love, revolving only around you.

Spirit Keeping a Kijo

Kijo like water but not enough to dedicate her as a ocean goddess or kami. Kijo enjoy things from rivers, waterfalls, or streams. They also enjoy music of any kind especially that of what their magician listens to and truly enjoys.

Conjure work with the Kijo

Kijo are capable of be worked with in spirit work and conjure as a assistance to love and break up work, especially divinations on topics of love or relationships.

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