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This worked for me, you go into the world of Moomin valley in your dreams. This will take a few times to work but can work earlier if done right.

Step one:

  1. Before bed and through out the day, watch an episode or two of the moomins. Have it get into your subconscious mind.
  2. Draw what you want to look like on paper, color it in then fold it four times.
  3. Think of your moomin name and write it on the back of the folded paper.
  4. Before you go to bed be sure to have hot herbal tea or an herbal drink.

Step two:

  1. Place the picture under your pillow.
  2. Say or chant 3x: "The moomin world, let me in, I wish to discover, (your moomin name here) is who I am, this is my desire, so mote it be!"
  3. Go to bed, as you close your eyes think about the world and who you want to meet. You may meet me, who knows?

When you do enter:

Be sure to be respectful and nice to the moomins living in the valley. this is what I look like if you do end up seeing me:

My moomin name: Pumpkin or Smol.

My appearance: A little bit like snufkin, but with a long tail, yellow eyes, long copper hair, and brown clothes and hat with a orange feather on my hat.

Good luck! Remember that this is in your dreams so you can't get hurt.

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