Asian Witchcraft (pt.2)

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This is a continuation of the explanation and practice of Asian witchcraft.

Defining and Methods

Asian witchcraft is the practice of familiar magick, shamanism, as well as clairvoyant abilities in Korea, Japan, and China. Korean witchcraft was and is now the practice of using personal power to conjure the familiar spirit in order to utilize certain magickal elements, tools, and writings. Japanese witchcraft is similar--In fact,all three are in away. Asian witchcraft utilizes personal energies to create familiars or in western words servitors to carry out possessions, spells, and intricate rituals. 

Japanese witchcraft, in common form, relies on the conjuration of fox and snake spirits as energies in spirit possession magicks. Chinese witchcraft utilizes herbs and as well as common western tools in practice such as a wand, sword, athame, cauldron, and etc. These unique and similar to western instruments are used to control, draw out qi, shape and transform qi to the spirit as well as conjure. Herbs are used as talismans to be manipulated through spirit possession in Chinese magick.

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