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This article discusses the practices of a Fox employer called Fox magick or Sorcery of the Fox.


Fox magick is in the category of spirit work, and conjure. This practice is not for those who do not believe or are considering the idea that they are superior to spiritual beings. Pride should be exited from your viewpoint surrounding the Fox magickal practice. Fox spirits are not deities or Gods they relate to Fae, demons, and lower vibrations.

How to Practice Fox Magick

Fox magick as said in the disclaimer is the combination of conjure and spirit working. This practice involves astral travel to meet with Fox spirits as well as conjuring, evoking them, and causing spirit possession and invocation. Fox spirits have no realm of their own so they appear in visions and dreams of the astral kind. Fox magick also gives many ways of divination and achieving higher vibrations or a spiritual nirvana.

When practicing Fox magick the tools you will need are petition paper, spirit vessels, and herbs as well as trinkets and or pieces of broken or new jewelry. The petition paper is used to direct and conjure the fox spirits. The spirit vessel is used to aid in the foxes skills to manifest desires on the petition. herbs are used as incense to gain energy for the spirits. The jewelry and trinkets are used as offerings and vessels for the lesser fox spirits. Creating a ritual in fox magick is fairly easy.

Using the tools described, to prepare a ritual one must first cast a circle every time at the start of the ritual. Place the petition already written in the center of the circle. Then place the vessel on top of the petition. Surround the vessel with herbs and trinkets or coins that are silver. say an incantation to draw the Fox spirits into the vessel, then activate the spell.

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