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Information on beginning magic (part 2)

Please read my article titled Beginning Magic #1 before reading this article.

Link is:

This article will be shorter than previous one but this article will expand on the previous one.

You can be a polarize individual but to be a good practitioner of magic one must depolarize because society polarize pretty much everything and once you are around 3-4 years old you will start getting programed consciously and subconsciously and when you are older truth won't matter to you even that you claim the truth matters.

If you believe white magic is good and black magic is bad than you have been polarized in this topic. Try to understand this, a polarized individual is controlled by the media, government, society, traditions even families but a practitioner of magic is and should be free from control, this is because we have the hidden knowledge and most of all how can you use magic to control others when you yourself have little to no control of your own mind.

Black magic and white magic has the polarity affect, now depolarize yourself, easy for conscious mind but harder for the subconscious mind, or is it?

On my previous article I said the following regarding magic.

Magic in it natural form can be viewed as energy, example; a practitioner will use energy to manifest the desired outcome, a practitioner would meditate to relax the body and mind for better focusing so that a practitioner can visualize the desired goal, a practitioner will have a strong belief that the desired goal will come to be, a practitioner will then bring the personal energy together and using the belief with visualization to send out the personal energy into the universe, knowing that the energy will return to earth and manifest the way they visualized it. (this is a simple example).

Now I will provide you with more information;

Most people will place visualization as number one most important skills to learn, however, I disagree with them (but they are not wrong) , I believe meditation is the most important skills followed by visualization because its hard for adults to visualize without medicating as we have stopped day dreaming at a young age, plus meditation is required more often the visualization and also keep in mind most of us don't meditate correctly and it's hard to do it as an adult.

I will write more articles regarding key skills required for magic work in more details but there are many articles already in the site for you to read Please read them article.

Skills will be required are Meditation, Visualizing, Faith, Belief, Feelings and Emotions, Grounding, Shielding, Centering, Tapping in your Energy source and knowing what Spells you can cast during which moon phases.

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