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This is a Shinto ritual using the spirits called tsukemono to bless and empower your or a beneficiary's life revolving around karma and finance.

Kodoku is the Shinto version of Taoist and Chinese Gu magick. Gu and Kodoku magicks translate to poison or toxin. Do not be startled because magick like this and like all magicks can be used for positive or negative reasons. For example a poison or toxin can be used to weed out viruses and harmful agents in life, for another example pesticides. We will not be using Kodoku in a negative light in this article. So without further ado here are the beginnings of that ritual.

The first thing that is required to grab your tools and ingredients. (Kodoku uses talismanic magick so you won't be saying an incantation out loud or in your head, it shall be written) The list of the following ingredients and tools are a Bronze Jar or urn (If you do not own one a ceramic bowl or cauldron will do the trick), talisman paper or paper used for a petition, Red pen or thin red marker, and last but not least salt.

These Items represent: for the urn or cauldron the belly or stomach of you or the beneficiary, that talisman paper can be thought of as the medication or pill to enter the system, the color red represents the body, blood, and life force of a healthy man or woman, and the salt is like the enzymes or water that help the medication spread through the body.

Now, with the talisman or petition paper write n red ink your name or the name of the target, then write or draw a symbol of an animal that represents a bringer of prosperity luck and good finance as well as a lack of bitter days or karma. Examples are Wolves, Bats, cows, cats or (etc). Then draw a pentacle on the back of the talisman. This red pentagram will manifest the spirit into the astral plane to carry out what you have written in intent.

Place salt first into the container, then the draw a circle around the perimeter of the bowl. Pray to your Gods for guidance surrounding the possibility of this spell getting out of hand, The spell may get out of hand because as we know this spell is a toxin and it is best to have protection because the toxin will not discriminate between friend or foe. For example, if a parent or guardian is giving you a lack of finance, say you did something wrong and they took away allowance they may be harmed. The Gods are there to cure or disrupt the toxin.

After you have talked to your God or Gods, place talisman into the bowl or urn then seal it with a pentagram drawn above used to banish the complications or collar the tsukimono toxin. Place your ki or energy into the spell and activate it. ( warning: Do not visualize your intent you must collar the spirit and be vigilant, humans can't control physical toxins alone nor they can control spiritual ones alone without a cure,)

After the spell is done discard the ingredients and wash the bowl in hot or warm water while visualizing it becoming clean and pure again.

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