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A healing potion used in case of skin damage, preventing infections and bacteria gathering on the wound and speeding the natural healing process of the body. Shall not be used for serious injuries (wounds larger than 6 cm long and 2 cm wide). In case of an infection, it does not replace the need for antibiotics.

Amarius Healing Potion is a good way to speed up the natural healing process of the skin in case of a wound. It washes the impurities and dust that gathers upon a wound and prevents infection (prevents, it doesn't treat infection). It is a potion to be made only by those experimented in the craft of potion making.

Items needed for the Potion:

-Angelica (Archangelica) roots and stems (known as Garden Angelica)

-Moon Water (500 ml)

-Camomile leaves (1 tablespoon)

-Cinnamon Essential Oil

-Devil's Claw roots

-Lavender Essential Oil



1. Put 500 ml of Moon Water in a cauldron.

2. Take the Angelica roots and stems and crush them together with a mortar and pestle. (5 tablespoons needed)

3. After cleaning the mortar and pestle, use them to crush the Devil's Claw roots. (3 tablespoons needed)

4. Combine the Cinnamon Essential Oil with the Lavender Essential Oil. (10 ml of each; 20 per total)

5. Light up the fire, place the cauldron on it and add in the cauldron 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix the Moon Water with honey until they have blended perfectly, while chanting "As honey healing shall be,/ as love and sweet as free/ -dom and none shall come to be/ indifferent to the heal I give to thee."

6. Add the Angelica roots and stems powder, and mix 10-15 stirs while chanting "Plant I call upon thy power/ heal us now/ you / little flower/ who was blessed by the all Gods/ and who can fight against all odds."

7. Add the Devil Claw's roots powder and mix 10-15 stirs while chanting "And you who were bad named yet good/ come with you power from the wood, / yes / you who grow upon a stick / come help the wound to not get sick."

8. Add a tablespoon of Camomile to the potion. Let it boil just for a second and remove the cauldron from the fire.

9. Add the 20ml of Oils to the cauldron. (If you plan to put the potion in smaller bottles, it is better to add a little bit of the oils in the bottles, after you have placed the potion inside the bottles.)

10. Bless the potion in front of the Gods.

Apply on skin wounds once every few hours. Do not apply too often. Getting the wound constantly wet will make it heal in a longer time.


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