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This Ritual is based upon the Snow Moon, which will begin its appearance during the waxing phases of the coming month.

Choose the God or Goddesses that you are closest to and dedicate this ritual to them.

The Snow moon is a time to communicate with your closest deity and ask them for change, so we will do that tonight. What you will need for this ritual:

As with all practices, you need only your mind and belief. But here are a few things you could add into the ritual if you wish:

  • A Green or Gray Candle
  • Lemon Candle or Incense

Here is the Ritual:

1. On the Night of the second New Moon of the Year, find an isolated spot outdoors, or indoors if you must.

2. Light a candle (any candle is alright, but green or gray is preferred. Skip this step if you only use your mind.

3. Say to your deity, 'God(less) of the (____) hear my cry this night. I wish to grow, I think I might. But I need your help this very night. As the moon begins to grow, let your power overflow. As the moon begins to fade, let there be unending day."

4. Blow out the candle(s) and politely thank your deity.

Additional Step 5. Light your lemon scent and allow it to burn until it goes out. This will purify the atmosphere and allow for a new beginning and a welcomed deity. Blessed be everyone. I hope you enjoy this one.

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