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This is basically a key to charging water, and what crystals you should use for different effects.

What is charged water? It is water that you set out (usually on the sill of an open window) with a crystal that soaks up moonlight. There are different types of charged water for different uses. The following list is what has worked in my experience. However, you must remember that I'm still sort of new to witchcraft and I make mistakes so these may not work for you.

  • Crystal Quartz: typically used for ritual purposes. Good for cleansing the hands and ritual tools.
  • Rose Quartz: obviously, love. Although, I can not stress enough that traditional love spells are unhealthy and ultimately wrong. If you are looking for love, you must love yourself first, so self love spells are useful, and inviting love into your life is okay, but never take advantage of another person's free will.
  • Aventurine: good for meditation purposes.
  • Amethyst: astral travel, opening the mind to higher energies
  • Opal/Opal Quartz: all-purpose healing; such as spiritual, physical, and emotional. Black Tourmaline: absorbing negative energy
  • Rainbow Moonstone: healing, spiritual opening

Remember that charged water can be used in many ways: cleansing, drinking, etc. I hope this helped, but keep in mind that it is open to personal interpretation. Thank you, and bless.

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