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What is this mysterious way that I prepare for casting a spell.

What is this mysterious way that I prepare for casting a spell? I clean! I clean everything - my room, my house, myself, and my mind. If you don't clean out the clutter in your life - all the things that give you anxiety, stress, and just don't make you feel good and productive, it'll translate into your spell. Personally, I like my spell to go exactly how I want (or as exactly as mother nature says), and I don't like trivial things to interfere with my work. Besides, casting a new spell gives me (and you) an excuse to clean! My method: The house cleaning period usually takes a day or two. When I do two days, I want everything to be extra perfect. Sometimes it just helps to start your spell prep a day earlier and continue onto the next day so you feel more committed to a spell. Commitment is key in spellcasting - it helps you to better translate your feelings and desired results into any spell. As for the body cleansing, I do that on the day I do a spell. I run a hot bath and I put epsom salts in it (or any salt on hand) and meditate by candlelight. By meditating and cleansing my mind while I'm cleansing my body, I am able to go straight from the bath to do a spell instead of sitting there before a spell and meditating for 10-20 extra minutes that I could've spent while cleaning. If you feel more comfortable meditating out of the bath that's up to you, but I feel the most calm when I'm all warm in the tub (and I can't risk getting caught casting a spell because I spent an unnatural amount of time in my room). After I dry off, I am welcomed by my clean room and perfect place to cast spells. This is a very nice feeling - being prepared so you don't have to scrounge up a bunch of ingredients for your spells. Did I mention that preparing over two days (or however many days you or your spell require) could help you revise and better your spells? The more you think about something (especially subconsciously), the more you'll understand and notice about it and maybe even find things you could change or add or subtract to your spell to make it the best spell you've ever made! This also helps with the effectiveness of a spell. Just like with an essay, the more time you spend on it instead of procrastinating, the better it will be. As well as the effectiveness, it helps with the wording of the spell. Wording is very important, because you want to be clear and not misunderstood so that everything goes your way! I hope you found this article helpful and useful. You can make your own routine based off this one if you don't have a routine (if you wanna ;). I hope I covered everything in this article so that you received the most thorough understanding on the method to my witchy madness. Happy spellcasting!

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