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so, shapeshifting is pretty popular in this century.and i have doubted it many times, and believed in it many times. let's talk about this.

so, shapeshifting has been pretty popular in many countries and has been popular for many centuries. but what is it actually? and how does it work? how does the government not know? or is it all fake?

could it be possible?

i think yes, why?

i've witnessed it, and if your not convinced i have a picture of my leg covered in almost scale like patterns all over.

but i've had this topic on my mind for a long time. and i'm ready to take judgemental peoples hate.

but let me tell you something, you've heard of buddhism right? it has been known for "chakras" or in short ENERGY. SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

same with yoga, all about dem energies~

but why? simple. the entire universe is made up of energy.

which brings me to my next part.

explaining heaven and hell.

you know the saying, "good comes to who spread it?"

their talking about ENERGY.

the more GOOD ENERGY you spread, the higher your chances of going to HEAVEN. which is also directly connected to "hell"

let's say, you decide to be a dick for your entire life, and spread lots and LOTS of hate. the moment you die and enter back into the entire energy ball we call the spirit realm, we get it back.

why? it came originally FROM you, you spread your hate/ your ENERGY across the place. and now you get it back, which makes it seem your in "hell" while you instead just dug your own grave with it all.

so, the entire universe and us is made out of energy, now what?

you know what happens if you place many tiny bits of iron on a paper and have a magnet under it?

it 'shows' its energy field. (search on google "magnetic field lines on paper" and go to pictures you'll see what i mean.)

and if you move this magnet, the energy field changes, and the tiny bits of iron change immediately to the new energy field. which makes me think, why can't we do it?

simple, we're told we can't. and if we believe that is true and correct, it will become our reality.

just simply believing in something changes EVERYTHING.

there is a website that tells you how to change your 'energy field' that should allow you to shapeshift.

but why doesn't the government know this?

simply, they do. they just keep it from the rest so that we'll always need to be depending on them. its how animals work, many of you may thing "i'm not an animal!" ...

but seriously it's true what else could we be, crocodile's?

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Aug 09, 2019

Aug 09, 2019
What's the website called

Sep 10, 2019
This doesn't prove anything. It doesn't educate, or guide anyone. You rambled about unrelated things and ended by essentially saying ''magnets therefore I'm right'' which doesn't prove anything [and I know you'll label me a ''hater'' for pointing out this fallacy but I'm not hating on you, I'm rebutting your flawed arguement] magick is a natural neutral energy [and if you want to use magnetic fields as a way to describe it fine, magick does work like magnetic fields by attracting/repelling specific energies. Spells work to change the charge of the energy around us to create this charge to attract/repel change] That said, it works with nature as it is a part of nature and therefore has natural limitations such as physical transformations. These things contradict nature and therefore don't work [astral and mental shifting are different] as for your claim you've got a picture of your leg with scales, theres various skin conditions that could give dry scale like skin [as well as makeup and photoshop] finally your heaven and hell comment was out of nowhere, added nothing, and didn't prove anything. Heaven/hell is a Christian concept, you cannot use it as proof of anything because many people [myself included] don't believe in a heaven/hell, so using it as ''evidence'' is equivalent to me saying ''but if you don't side with Gandolf then Saruman will win'' which doesn't matter because they're fictional characters, serve no purpose in the debate and add nothing of substance.

Jun 30, 2020
I completely understand this

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