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Ways to direct energy.

Once energy is raised, it has to be directed to where you want it to go. This can be done in many ways. When you feel the energy peak, you can shout, "Now!" or a key word pertaining to your magick, such as "Heal!" or "Prosperity!" If you're dancing or running, the circle stops, hands fly up, and the energy shoots from you into the spiral, which spins off to accomplish your magick. Visualize the goal being accomplished, feeling and knowing it as certainty.

When you realize the energy and direct it, there are many ways to visualize it. By visualizing, you are directing where the energy is supposed to go. One of the simplest ways to direct energy is when it is on your altar (such as jewelry, tools, a potion, or a talisman), or it is toward a person who is in your circle. You simply stretch out your arms toward the altar, object, or person, and as you feel the energy moving through you, direct it through the palms of your hands. You can even place your hands directly on the person or object being charged. Simply imagine a line of light traveling through you and into the object or person.

Cone of Power

This is the best method of directing energy. This works for a person or object that is outside of your circle, or a specific goal that you have. The energy that is raised is visualized or shaped into a cone, with the point high above the center of the circle. The energy is directed to spiral upward, deosil, into the cone's apex, where it is then directed either downward into a person or object, or up and out into a person, object, or most often, a visualized goal. Generally, when it is directed downard, it "falls," and when directed outward it is sent with a powerful blast of energy.

Personally, when the energy is directed to a specific person or object, I like to imagine the energy shooting from the cone to that person or object with a straight line. When directing energy toward a visualized goal, I like to imagine it exploding out the top of the cone and filling up the sky.

Connecting with the Divine

Another way I find effective in directing energy is to connect myself with the Divine and the Cosmos. I imagine the energy shooting out of the top of my head straight up into the sky. It connects with the Gods, and then shoots out toward my goal, object, or person. The energy forms an angle with me at one end, the Gods in the center, and the goal at the other end.

After you have directed the energy, it's a good idea to drop to the ground, placing your palms against the ground and letting any excess energy return to the Earth, where it came from. This is also a way to ground yourself after your spellwork is done.


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