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A few meditation techniques.

Meditation is very important in magick, and certain techniques can be helpful.

Peace Meditation: While in meditation, focus on something calming, imagining every aspect of it. The sea, rain, the color blue, a calming song, whatever seems right at the moment. Imagine yourself slowly melting into the peaceful thing, eventually becoming it. Feel at peace for as long as you need to.

Divination Meditation: In meditation, imagine a bowl of water. Touch it, thinking of what question you want answered. The bowl will show you the answer. Another version of this would be flipping a coin for a yes/no question, heads being yes and tails being no.

Energy Meditation: While in meditation, imagine yourself in a forest. Feel the energy of the animals, the rush of a river, the trees making energy, all of the energy you can think of. Imagine it filling yourself with energy.

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