the Iadian's standard exercise routine.

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this exercise program is what iadians do to maintain their ability to use their powers. This routine also enhances one's current magical abilities as well.

this is about 75% more intensive than military physical training programs used by the US Army and the USMC.

The following exercise set is to be done six days a week, and is completely doable by humans. This is also the standard PT used in all branches of Iada's military force known as HANL. The duration of this training program is a year.


10 miles of running at your best speed a day.

300 punches (150 per arm)

150 push-ups

300 elbows (150 per arm)

150 jumping jacks

300 kicks (150 per leg)

300 leg raises (150 per leg)

150 sit-ups.


you'll need to eat 2,500 K-calories of food a day to maintain your body weight while doing this program.

For Iadians, if you are one, you'll need 3,500 K-calories of food a day.

when doing this, you should begin feeling a rise in your abilities within the first month of starting this PT program.

Note: this program is to the train bodies for extreme combat methods like the martial arts style Kiado used by HANL soldiers. You will become very strong after a year of this.

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