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This is just explanation of evocation and a simple template for evoking entities.

What is evocation? Evocation is the act of summoning an entity through the use of ritualistic or ceremonial magic though it is not really limited to these types, many can extend to shamanistic or just merely a mental evocation where all activity and action is done through just mental visualizations. Evocation can just be done with any imaginative being out there if you have the basic knowledge of how to evoke and know when you evoked an entity. Preliminary although one can just start evocation right away the chances of successful evocation is a slim, but this is no means that it will definitely work for the first time. With every magical system you are always going to encounter times of unsuccessful results and thus it also brings way to critique or changes some of the variables in your method of evocation. 1. It is important to have a well trained and willed mind, by this I mean that it helps to get into deep mediation at will or something similar to a trance at will. Its important because you will be going in and out of this trance state during the ritual when communicating with the entity. 2. Its recommended that you give about a minimum of 3-4 days before performing evocation to first understand the entity you are tying to evoke and spend time connecting to it, usually by meditating on its sigil or anything that symbolizes a connection with that entity. By this you are doing what is called preparatory immersion. By which you are trying to establish a connection to that entity before ritual so it is easier to conjure up the entity and in some cases will make it easier to identify if the entity is evoked during the ritual due to its familiar presence. 3. It is important to know what you want from the entity, and have a good reason why you called it. 4. For beginners it is useful to use ritualistic tools like the chalice or athame ect. to get your mind into that ritualistic mind set, though there isn't really any inherent power to the tools themselves only the power you give it is what makes it powerful, you can say tools are just good physical representation of certain powers you associate with it. 5. Know what you are going to do in your ritual. By this it is best to keep a small notebook during a ritual to write things down like steps to the ritual or certain incantations or the entities sigil ect. Evocation method: before any ritual you should meditate first. The way to approach the entity should be respectful never a commanding or demanding manner. Instead you must treat it as if it were another person or a friend, respect is what gets the entity to listen to you. So a good side not is respect all fear none approach. 1. To start the ritual one can open the ritual using LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram) to clear some of the stagnant energy that may bet in the way of the ritual. If not you can use visualizations to clear the area and yourself, or use consecrated water to bless the area and yourself. This allows for the entity to manifest easier because it lightens up the energy around the room so it would be easier for it to manifest. 2. Next, you can draw a circle on the floor or just imagine a circle on the floor, and follow this by using circle ambulation (basically walking around the circle) until you fall into a light trance state, usually practitioners can start using incantations for the entity to come. 3. Once you are in a light trance, sit in the circle and take out the entities sigil or symbol, and charge it, to do this one can simple imagine putting your energy into the sigil, or you can gaze at the sigil almost like the sigil is absorbing you. Do this until you see the sigil or symbol start to flash or lines in the sigil begin to disappear and reappear, you can sometimes almost feel energy radiating off it. 4. Once the sigil or symbol is charged you can now use incantations for the entity to come forth, so one can do this by reciting "(entities' name) come forth" in a repetition while focusing on the sigil or having your awareness to your surroundings and pretty much letting go of reality and like you are losing it, this state is called by many the gnosis state 5. You keep doing this until you certainly feel a sudden shift in the room or a sudden presence has come into the room, sometimes entities like to appear behind you so you might get that feeling of someone standing behind you, normally people give up at this point because they don't see the entity, mind you to be able to see the entity depends on you spiritual perception or you astral senses, if they are not fully developed then you wont be able to see or hear them, you can only just feel there presence. 6. Once the entity is evoked now is the part where you can communicate, usually practitioners ask the entity to speak through them telepathically, by this images or words come up out of nowhere and it is up the the practitioner to decern which thoughts are theirs or the entities. Some people use fire, water or black mirror to scry the entity into appearance into the items. Usually you just get visions of what the entity is telling you, you can either channel just allowing only you speaking faculty of you body to be used by the entity. 7. Once communication is established you may now try to say what you will or what you intended for your calling. 8. After you are done communicating, you must now license it to leave, usually first by thanking and giving gratitude to the entity for coming, and now tell the entity that it may go, how I usually say it is "I give you thanks and my gratitude for you coming, you may now go in peace and return from whence you came from, you may go and make my will come to pass" 9. Wrap up the ritual and end it. That is usually the basics of evocation. People ask do you need ritual tools for evocation, well no it is not necessary, all magick is done within the mind and tools are there to give a physical embodiment of the mental powers. Don't worry about doing rituals wrong, rituals are personal and they usually have no set standard to what rituals are suppose to look like or perform like. This is simply a template that I use but you can change it from time to time to fit your taste. Thank you reading 

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Aug 19, 2020
This is invocation not evoking

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