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This in to sum up information on meditation and information on how to being meditating

Some people believe that meditation is just an escape from our lives, painful feelings or situations we cannot bear or solve. In reality, we cannot look at meditation and denial of some life situation as something similar. Our experience showed us, that meditation is the exact opposite of the denial. Meditation means to step out from the noisy confusion of the projected world and of ourselves for the simple and quiet clarity of the here and now. Meditation is to stop and face up to reality. In meditation, we explore our minds openly and honestly without denying anything. Meditation is when the meditator has their entire, or part of their attention directed inward to the thoughts, feelings, and the flow of energy monitoring and control. The meditator can search for the origin of thoughts, feelings and energy flows seen. Do you want to meditate and you don't know how? Alert and focused ? these things are rare. Instead of being in the here and now. We can be distracted by our own worries and thoughts Meditation can counter these things. The benefit of meditation to our well-being has been demonstrated many times. Nevertheless, many believe meditation is not for them. Perhaps they know too little about this method. The need to finally turn off to think about other things to leave the everyday rat race, to shake off the stress of space and perhaps to develop new ideas and goals ? many of us can relate to this. It is imperative that we feel equally at home in both states: "Demands for a life of exertion and effort, to include periods of rest, relief and relaxation." Usually we get the necessary balance in more detail, by simply sleeping, dozing off, dancing, or pursuing a hobby. But we are not always, able to let go of the tension in this way. And then what? Then we have to look for other ways. Meditation might be such a way, because it is first and foremost a method of relaxation. And for all scientifically proven methods of relaxation: who controls them, not only learns serenity, but also alternative modes of action to respond to stress. The stress can be in everyday life, we can deal with stress better and learn to tolerate chronic pain. Especially chronic stress, if we can not think of any possible solutions for the stress-causing situation and fail with all of the counter-strategies, it is helpful to pause to calm yourself and to look carefully at alternative ways of coping. The mediation techniques at hand will help you do just that. Whether practicing a program like Bensonmethode, yoga, Tai Chi or Zen meditation - all methods, are a mental workout that has it all: "The meditating man deals with his mental states and processes, he exerts the conscious design of his own consciousness. " Meditation calms mind and body and the effect is that we have a more benevolent attitude towards ourselves. But how can this state be achieved? Just concentrating on your breath has proven itself. : "With a mindful breathing, we can exercise our inner need better and change towards the direction of peace and serenity." This can also help to greatly diminish physical reactions to stress such as heart palpitations, and feelings that are experienced as upsetting. That is the reason why after we meditate we feel not only physically relaxed but also mentally and emotionally "calmed down". The effect of meditation is not a mystical miracle. It is impossible to be relaxed and fearful at the same time. Since you are only focusing on your breath, this allows you to seperate yourself from your other thoughts. This interruption of thinking, that happens in the concentrated introspection, gives us even more opportunities than the short-term exit out of the stress: we get the chance to see our own situation from a different perspective - and possibly reinterpret it. If we feel stressed depends mainly on our assessment. Chronic, harmful stress, uncontrollable stress-response occurs only when we get stuck in a situation perceived as awkward and cannot get out of it with routine reactions. As we pause to recognize this, we may have the option to reinterpret what causes us stress as a "challenge" and thus it can be seen as a problem that must be tackled. For example, we could see a separation not as a disaster but as a chance to put things into new paths, a dismissal could provide the opportunity to consider again what kind of work you actually want to do. Perhaps, new ways of dealing with a chronic illness can show up as well. Therefore, a basic meditation practice is to look at your own thoughts without judging them and let them go its own ways. This may sound banal, but by watching our own thoughts from the outside and learning to see ourselves thinking, we gain fundamental new insights. Even this view-in-distance can help you to stop identifying with your own thoughts and it also contains the idea that we, theoretically, could think something different. Exactly that is the reason to ignore the rise of feelings, an itch on the foot, burning legs, while in meditation - we should sense it and let it go. Those who can do that, have already laid the foundation for the exit from the rat race.. ?The measurements of brain waves with the electroencephalography (EEG) and views from the interior of our Brain by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows us constant action in our head. By meditating the mind is also very active, but the pattern of activation and our mental state are fundamentally different. Instead of following the monkey who wants to be occupied, and to produce appropriate ideas, it looks calm calm. "By exercising to look at things from a different perspective, we are no longer completely identified with all the feelings and thoughts. This distance creates a growing confidence that even dissolves the biggest inner dramas, if we manage not to respond to our thoughts." Meditating not only strenghtens trust and confidence of being able to control your feelings. With focused introspection, we will also become more sensitive to everything we do. The beautiful colorful autumn foliage, the bright blue sky - these impressions we often don't notice in everyday life. Link: for this article

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