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Here's how to find out if your element is fire, water, earth, or air.

Step 1.  Get something to represent each of your elements.  For fire light a candle, for water a bowl or glass of water, for earth a jar of dirt, and for air turn on a fan. 

Step 2.  Start meditating. Close your eyes. Meditate for at least 5 minutes. While doing this, imagine each of the element's pictures: a raindrop, flames, air, and the earth. You will feel something while imagining your element.

Step 3.  Once you finished meditating, open your eyes. Look at all the representatives of your elements. You will feel a connection or power with your element.

That's how to find out what your element is. 

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Feb 27, 2021
Is it bad if this element is a different element than your zodiac element? Or is that normal? I feel connected to earth, but I am Aquarius (Air)

Mar 01, 2021
We're all the elements, and the idea is to balance them all. You might be drawn to one more than the others, but it doesn't mean you're that one element. The zodiac is one way to discover your element, but so is general observation when you interact with elements. Do you feel drawn to, say, earth more than air? Then you have a deeper connection with earth. All it means is you will need to work a little harder to become connected to air.

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