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This is one of the many meditation exercises that I use. I hope that you enjoy it as I have.

There are a variety of enviroments where I tend to meditate, whether it's on my bed or in a place where I feel naturally relaxed such as the woods. Wherever this may be, find your place to meditate where you think you will be able to find the peace and relaxtion you are seeking, undisturbed. 

  1. Sit cross-legged and get comfortable. Before you close your eyes and as you're getting comfortable, get familiar with how the place feels visually and sensually. Keep your eyes open and slow your breathing, inhaling through your nostrils, and exhaling through your mouth. Accept this place as the place you will find peace while within. 
  2. Once your heart rate has slowed, and your breathing is steady, close your eyes. Visualize a golden orb of warm, positive, radiant energy. As you visualize it with greater clarity, let it warm you and feel it's warmth on your skin. Let the warmth work it's way into your brain, your heart, your soul, and your very being. This light and this warmth is pure positivity, and it accepts you with it's warm embrace.
  3. Let this orb of positivity come to represent all that is good. If you desire peace and relaxtion, allow the orb to represent these things, and slowly begin to allow it to encompass you. Visualize that you are stepping through into the orb and that the orb is moving over and into you. This golden orb of love, peace, warmth, relaxtion, and pure positivity along with you will become one. Release all of your troubles, concerns, and stresses into this golden orb of positive light and as you do so, visualize them being disintegrated into nothing, crushed by the loads of positive energy around you.
  4. Spend as long as you like in this state, in fact, the longer you do so the better I have found. You'll feel relaxed and at peace for a couple of days if you spend a good hour or more doing this. When you do decide to come around, let yourself slowly step out of the golden orb of positive light, and as you do so know that it's remnants surounds and is in every bit of you. Once you have stepped out, let it slowly disappear until you are in blackness, and then slowly open your eyes, taking steady breaths, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth.

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