The Fountain of Light Meditation

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A meditation to balance the energies in your body,induce a relaxed state, and make you more aware of colour and its effect on your psyche.

The Fountain of Light

This meditation is something of a standard and you may have come across it before. On one level it will help balance the energies in your body and induce a relaxed state. On another it will begin to make you more aware of colour and its effect on your psyche.

Light a candle in the meditation space you have chosen. Breathe in for nine, hold for seven and breathe out for nine, this is known as one cycle. Repeat this breathing pattern for a few minutes. You will now perform the Fountain of Light where you will imagine that sections of your body are bathed in different colours. Try to hold the visualisation for each colour for two cycles (that is breathe in for nine, hold for seven, breathe out for nine and repeat) if this becomes too difficult do not worry, just concentrate on the images of light:

1. First imagine that your body from your feet to your knees is coloured a rich deep brown.

2. Next see that the colour above your knees fades from a rich to a light brown.

3. Now visualise your genital region as being a deep red. Feel life pulse through this region.

4. Gradually the colour fades to a comforting orange as it moves up your body to the region from your pubic mound to your navel.

5. The orange now gives way to a beautiful swirling golden colour that gently whirls around your solar plexus. In this moment and in this place concentrate on feeling safe and well whatever your worries that are outside of this time.

6. Move up now to your chest. The colour changes to a vibrant and healthy green that strengthens and invigorates the structures of your heart and lungs.

7. The healthy green now changes to a marvelous light blue that is clear and flowing. Feel it move up over your throat and lower jaw.

8. The blue now changes to a pleasant violet that bathes the top part of your head.

9. Imagine directly above you that there is a ball of intense white light that energizes and protects you.

10. Slowly draw down this light into your body. Let it flow into you in the region of your third eye in the centre of your forehead.

11. Imagine that it has now traveled to your throat and creates pulsations within the flowing blue.

12. It continues down to your heart and your lungs. From there feel its energy coursing through your blood stream.

13. Next it reaches your solar plexus. See the intense white light mix with the swirling gold.

14. Gradually allow the light to seep back up through your body, back up from your heart and lungs, back up from your throat, back up through your head and finally out through your crown. See the intense white light above you.

15. Become aware of your breathing again. Repeat the pattern of breathing in for nine, holding the breath for seven and breathing out for nine; come to normal consciousness again feeling both refreshed and calm.

Record your feelings and impressions in your journal.

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