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This is a short guide to anyone who wants to learn more about Greek mythology.

At first, there was only Chaos , a primordial being that made up the entire universe ( basically outer space). Eventually out of Chaos emerged earth mother. Above her Chaos created Ouranus , the sky and under her Tartarus the pit of enternal torture. Chaos also created other beings such as Nynx , the being of night and some claim he created Eros the god of love. Gaea and Ouranus eventually had children . The first were triplets known as the Elder Cycopses who had a single eye in there brutish foreheads. Ouranus hated his children and threw them into Tartarus. Gaea wept but she could do nothing. Gaea then gave birth to the Hundred-Handed Ones whom each had fifty heads and one hundred arms. Ouranus tossed them into Tartarus as well. Eventually Gaea gave birth to twelve children who were known as the Titans. They were extremely human like , and Ouranus decided to keep them around. Gaea became sick of him. She sent Kronos , and four other brothers whom would later become the titans of the East, West, North, and South to ambush Ouranus. Through her anger she created a Scythe the first weapon. His four brothers held Ouranus down while Kronos brought the scythe down on him , killing him. And as he had killed Ouranus , he became King of the Universe. Gaea decided to go to sleep , as her son appeared to make a good ruler. But , being a primordial being , she ending up sleeping until the gods time. Kronos eventually married the Titan Rhea and soon she gave birth to the goddess Hestia. Kronos realized his child was a new race, a more powerful one , and in his panic swallowed her. Rhea could do nothing of it , and later gave birth to 5 more children , Demeter,Hera,Hades, and Poseidon, all of whom suffered the same fate. But being immortal they never died , just sat in there fathers stomach . Rhea gave birth to another child, Zeus . Instead of bringing him to his father she brought a stone again. Kronos never looked and simply swallowed it assuming it was his son. He never realized Zeus was growing up somewhere far away.

Thanks for reading , this is the end of the first article. I will add part two later.

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