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I want to assemble some semblance of a religion organized specifically for myself to follow, so I have a bit of a guide.

Deities: All ancient gods, including the Wiccan Lord and Lady exist, but I am specifically dedicated to: Lupa, a lesser-known goddess of wolves and Lycans.

They aren't like the ones in movies, and I don't care to explain them here. I am not one yet. I want to learn about: The Lord and Lady of Wicca Athena Artemis Norse deities, especially Thor, Tyr and Freya.

Nature worship and animism Main beliefs: Magic is only limited by the limitations of its user.

Animism; everything has a soul. An extended form of totemism. Everyone has at least one spirit animal which is a part of them. Accepting it is the first step in reconnecting to nature and therefore magic.

Some connect deeper than others with this animal; they are therians. Modified and combined versions of Wicca, Druidry, Neopagan religions, shamanism and Native American practices. And yes. I cast spells.

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