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Here is some information about werewolf spells. Read this if you are going to do a werewolf spell.

I am sure that in any other article of this sort, the first line would go somewhat like this: "Werewolves do not exist. You cannot become a wolf or a wolf man. You are human and will remain completely 100% human. Give up. Accept the fact that you will remain human forever."

But I am not here to tell you that. Wolves exist. Humans exist. To bridge the gap, you must be able to use magick to change your body. This is where the 'knowledgeable' people are stuck. They believe that magick cannot break the laws of physics. But, it already can do things that science cannot explain.

Traveling to spiritual realms. Communicating with deities that science has disputed. Bringing money to your doorstep, reconciling best friends with a simple spell. More complex spells can do even more wondrous things. So where do we draw the line? Many practitioners draw the line at changing matter into other matter. Some draw it at even just gaining abilities like pyrokinesis. I'm sure somebody out there deeply believes that clairvoyance is fake, but still practices magick.

It's a reasonable line to draw. Science rarely succeeds in turning matter into other matter, and they have only ever succeeded by using rocks. And some may argue that genes and DNA are forever. I, however, retort with this. All practitioners of magick believe that magick can be used to manipulate energy. Most believe in a deity or deities that created humans. I believe that everything is energy.

Thoughts, feelings, the astral plane, the material plane and everything on it - all is made up of particularly well-aligned energy. So, if you had access to the energy that made up you, with an infinite amount of time, could you reach over and change a bit of that energy? I bet you could. If you took it, and changed a little piece of energy, then you changed another, and kept changing energy for a while, perhaps you could turn your hand into a deer's hoof. If you kept at it, you'd eventually be a stag.

The secret of werewolves is the manipulation of the energy that forms our bodies. In some circles this is referred to as biokinesis. Naysayers often suggest astral travel, or learning to lucid dream, when these are merely steps to achieving a transformation into a wolf. An astral wolf body must be available. Luckily, any working spell will perform all the steps for you. More on that later. Creating an astral body could be fun, if that's your thing. But if you want to be a werewolf, you must transfer it to the physical plane.

This is where your biokinesis comes in. All werewolf spells consist of manipulating your aura, providing an astral "template", allowing minor mental shifting (technically making you a therian), and providing you with biokinesis, as well as many steps in the middle of all this. There is a process known as shifting, which involves only the last two steps. Therefore, there is a point of no return where one forgets to shift back. People also do this to become mermaids or avians, although the latter is permanent and the former has no PNR. But the high risk werewolf method requires extra steps to remove the risk and ensure a high reward.

Spells work through intent and the power of the universe. If we are stardust shaped by deities, we must gather power from the stars to take our bodies into our own hands, with aid from these beings. In this mysterious universe, we must unlock the next mystery. Think of your change as the next step in human evolution. Do not doubt, doubt kills the spell. The spell provides an aura with both human and wolf characteristics, to create a wolf like human and a humanlike wolf aura. You must also have a wolf's spirit, which can be achieved through meditation or being born a therian, or linked to wolves. But the spell can do this, or at least set your own spirit up for receiving this wolf energy.

The astral wolf body is created by the spell. This is usually soon after the spell. Sometimes, a working spell stops here, especially if a powerful spell is miscast. There is only one thing to do after this: try again. If the spell continues, it will kind of keep a failsafe for you. It's like a backup copy for your mind. It is unclear if a backup is created, but it's a good idea if you're doing things manually. That way, you can most definitely keep a human mind. Next, the spell starts mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically preparing you for shifting. It makes sure that you are prepared to shift, that you will have full control, and tries to decrease the pain.

Sometimes, it succeeds. Sometimes it does not, but the second change is always easier to bear. Then, it provides you with biokinesis and the knowledge of how to use it quickly and easily. Part of the physical preparation usually gives you superior reflexes, speed, strength, agility, and other things, and your wolf form will be even better at these things. Once you have these things, and a few, more minor things, you will soon initiate your first shift. You can do this all yourself. You can shape your aura, create an astral wolf, create backups of your body and mind, and more. But spells hurry it along. Biokinesis is especially hard to learn.

Those who use shifting often meditate for a long time before managing to change their form. But it works, and, if you do all these things, or use a spell that does them all, the shift will be fast and easy to handle. And spells keep your mind human as you use it, while shifting users must think like a wolf, which makes it easier to lose control and become a wolf fully in body and mind. Now that I have covered the truth that werewolves exist, I now must tell you something.

The wolf man werewolf is not real. It is referred to often as a lycan, or sometimes, the lycan is the wolf and the werewolf is the wolf man. The Underworld and Teen Wolf werewolves are not real. They are fiction. This makes spells harder, as they do not have a natural base. That isn't to say it is impossible, but it is very hard. You are better off becoming a wolf type werewolf. Besides, if you die in your wolf man form, your remains will go to science and werewolves will be discovered.

Even big werewolves, the size of Twilight wolves, can get away with it, as scientists will think they are bones from an ancient wolf species. Just be safe. If you know you will die, shift back to human. But you are not yet a werewolf, so bear with me. The often-cited spell "by the light of the moon" spell is also disputed, as it has been used for a long time by many people. Its magick may be fading from overuse. Try it if you believe. If not, then write your own spell. Spells work. Let them work for you.

The best spells are written by you. Write them with cadence, write spells in guise of poetry. But make your intent clear. How large is the wolf? Do you have control? Is it painless? Include these without breaking the flow. Spell writing is easy, but working spell writing is hard. Keep trying until you have it. You can do it. Werewolves, or lycans, are real. Trust me. I will write more on this subject later, but for now, just know that they exist.

- Ren Disclaimer: I am not a werewolf. I know they exist, and I am working on becoming one through spells and rituals. My longest writing will be written the day after I become a werewolf. Thank you for reading.

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Oct 26, 2020
As most here, I do not believe werewolfs exist, but this is a quite interesting theory you have, but if it works I highly doubt someone can have such a great and perfect energy manipulation to actually do that, so even if this is actually real, I don't think someone would actually be able to do it

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