Some ways to become a werewolf

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Here are some ways you can become a werewolf.

1. Honoring the wolf lords. This is a sufficient way to become a werewolf if you can do it correctly. You must simply make up a magickal ritual that honors them. If your magick isn't strong though, I suggest you find one online or tell me if you want me to make one. Some examples of wolf lords to honor are: Lucid, Canterlot, Bliss, Henerbrick.

2. Use a powerful spell. The best ones are on this site.

3. Getting bitten. Yes, this does work. If you need to find a werewolf to bite you, get a werewolf locator and track one down.

4. Have another werewolf transform you. This is a harder, more complicated way, but will work if you want to become a werewolf ASAP.

There are many more, but those are some ways!


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Jul 09, 2019
im sorry to tell you, but this is fluff

Sep 30, 2020

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