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A better understanding of what the colors mean, how to use them. If you didn't know they existed you should read this. It will change you veiw on this world.

The most basic form of magic or magick is usually biased off of opening your third eye. But if you cannot see these colors and energy your eye is merely squinting.

If you've ever stood up to quickly or got bit in the head really hard, you see stars. That's when something's so intense you brain shuts off your eyes for a second while it recovers. During this time you see the energy, the colors. Each color is an energy crowding with the darkness, every demon, God, goddess's power or it's self must travel through a different energy. Here is the full information on every color:

White: This is the color of love joy and happiness, for some people this is the only color they see if there using spells involving white light. In it's color energy form it's the basis for white light. White magic depend on this, and the power of light Gods/Goddesses travel through it. Angels travel through as well and the power of the big God, the one who Christians worship, he is the main source of this color. It and red colors are the main colors in most protection spells.

Red: The color of power, this is seen mostly around dangerous things and living beings. You can see it mostly around fires or around your hands, for you hands are capable. The only way to actually destroy something all the way is to have a room full's amount of red with an intention. Red is used in warding off spells as well as some protection spells so that anything hostile coming near is hurt or scared to come near.

Green: The color of the spark of life, and in a lower meaning jelosy. Tthis is used in conjuring spells and resurrection spells. Sparking life. The meaning of jelosy was only added so sertain demons could get to places.

Blue: The color of knowledge and magic. Along with purple this color is good to have so that magic may travel through it, spells are much easier to cast with an orb of it around you. Where important/a large quantitie of knowledge is, blue will be there. Some good books will have lingering blue around them. When you put out blue it means your thinking g about or talking about important information.

Purple: Wisdom and magic, it is the best color for magic to flow through and the easiest to produce for some. When thinking or speaking of wisdom you will put out large amounts of it. Or even just making a wise choice. Controlling it is a different story, it's easiest to control with good intentions.

The Darkness: The only color you cannot control, it is the color holding the others. In empty space only Darkness is there, all demons can travel through it and prefer it. Dark magic travels through it perfectly, in the Nether Realm this is the only color. All other colors are colors of the light, this is the only dark color.

If a rare color is to be discovered please contact me.

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