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Info on Sigils

Sigils are simple pictures used as a form of "quick magic." In this Article I will teach how to make sigils.

1) Pick a word/words and right it in all CAPS.

2) Cross out any repeated letters in the word/words. Ex: In PROTECT, cross out the second 't' and leave the first letter, PROTEC.

3) Then arrange the letters in alphabetical order. Ex: CEOPRT.

4) then you make a grid and put the alphabetically sorted words in the grid from top left to bottom right. If you have an odd number like 5, try and squeeze in a center box.

5) Then start to connect the letters with lines by starting with the first letter of the word/words. Ex: Move from 'P' to 'R' to 'O' and so on.

6) When finished, write the symbol without the grid, this is your sigil.

Making your Sigil useful.

1) Pick something with a good durability.

2) Write the sigil on it in the color of your aura. Ex: Mine is green, so I may write the sigil in green something.

3) Let the sigil dry off.

4) When dry, put the sigil in or near an element you are closest to. Ex: Mine is fire, so I lay my sigil in the sun. If yours is earth, you may but it in the soil. If yours is air, you may put your near a vent.

5) Let your sigil sit there awhile.

6) Charge your sigil. Ex: Use your "mana" and push it into the sigil as if it was energy.

7) Take the Sigil with you.

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