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Help, I want to be a witch and cast spells! Never fear, here is your practical guide!

The basics of spell casting all boils down to this one simple concept: Spells are directed by the thoughts you envision while casting them. That being said, it is important to be focused while you are casting a spell. Visualize every aspect of your spell's effect. The simplest spell I can give you is to imagine what you want to take place, then write it down on a piece of paper. Just knowing what you want makes it that much more powerful. When you go to the step of writing it down and describing it, something will happen. However, with this being a very simple way to cast spells, it may not turn out exactly how you expected. That is, unfortunately, the nature of spells. There is a lot of "if" involved, and almost always unexpected effects. However, those effects may be livable or even ideal if you cast the spell properly.

If you would like to become more elaborate with spells, there are some things you can do to make them much more potent. Adding corresponding herbs, for example, can strengthen your spell. Herbs have powerful energetic and metaphysical properties. Refer to this site's herb dictionary to learn about the magickal properties of herbs.

Another important thing to consider when spell casting is timing. Consider the moon phase, time of day, and time of year. Waxing moon, full moon, morning, spring, and summer are all associated with growth, development, and manifesting what you want. You may use these times to cast spells to attract new friends or money. Waning moon, evening, afternoon, and fall are associated with banishing and getting rid of the things you don't need. You may use this time to break off unhelpful relationships or to stave off negative emotions like jealously or insecurities.

Consider the Wheel of the Year or the elements when working with spells. Spring symbolizes the element Air, which has to do with wisdom, wit, creativity, and knowledge. Summer is to the element Fire, which has to do with passion, excitement, sexuality, and warmth. Fall is to the element Water, which has to do with peace, love, emotion, and sympathy, and Winter has to do with the element Earth, which has to do with stability, trustworthiness, hard work, and perseverance

The elements also have corresponding colors: Yellow represents Air, red represents Fire, Blue represents water, and green represents Earth. Use these colors when you want to cast a spell that corresponds to a specific element.

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