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This isn't really much of a ritual, but a way to keep life in balance, also calms you down quite nicely.

Everybody whom is magical needs to know how to meditate. You must meditate everyday. And if you don't nothing bad will happen, but it keeps your powers in tact and balances out your life. Also use this if you have memory problems; it will clear the mind. Now, read on for the meditation...

STEP 1: Position and Placement

Place yourself in a clean, quiet, large room. Sit down Indian style/pretzel style/etc. and relax. Ringing your index finger and thumb is optional, but put your hands somewhere on your knees, if you don't not much will change. Also, a better way to have a bit more stronger of a meditation is to put one foot on one knee, and the other foot on the other knee. It may be bothersome sometimes, and if it's a distraction, go back to the other style you were in before. Now close your eyes and breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

STEP 2: Thoughts

Clear all bad thoughts from your mind. Also, clear all good thoughts from the mind. Don't worry, you won't forget anything, you'll just be very in touch at the end. But anyways, think of a clear, white room. You're inside that clear, white room. Imagine yourself sitting down in that room like the way you're sitting right now. Imagine yourself doing the same technique you are right now (except don't make yourself in your mind do the whole imagine thing, that will not clear the mind as well). Now imagine all the white walls disappearing, you are floating in the air. Think of colors in the background, swirling whatever way. A rainbow of swirls.

STEP 3: Clearing the Mind

Make the swirling stop in the mind and fade away. Make your mind-self (you in your mind) open their eyes. Bring back the white room now. Make all thoughts that have confused you disappear in that room. Make is so your mind-self doesn't notice them. Those thoughts will fade away slowly.

STEP 4: Obtaining the Mind

Now that all confusing thoughts are gone (or at least should be), make your mind-self get up and bring out their arms, like they're about to hug somebody (except make sure your mind-self has no expression and is just standing there with their arms spread out). Bring back all good memories and imagine that your mind-self is sucking them in. Now, brind back all bad memories (you have to at some point) and make it as though your mind-self is also sucking them in. Put your mind-self's arms down, and make the white room and your mind-self slowly fade away.

STEP 5: Finishing Up

Open your eyes. Are you relaxed? Was there any noise during the meditation? If so, that might have messed up your mind-self's meditation. Put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door or something, or tell everyone not to bother you. If there was any noise or anything distracting in the process of your meditation, restart. Meditation should be done each day for 10-15 minutes. It will help you in school, in magick, and in life. Nothing bad will happen if you don't do it everyday, though. Just try to if you can.

That's the guide. Though, keep in mind, there are thousands of other ways to meditate, this is just my way. After you've kept that in mind, make sure to bring it back in after meditating. Good luck!

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