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This article will start to cover some of the basic meditation techniques.

Since we are first off beings of the physical realm we start our exploration of meditation with the physical side of it. The easiest aspect of this is relaxation of the body. The body is rife with tension and not very often do we find the time to relax ourselves let alone to methodically work too this intent.

1. Find a comfortable place to work. Laying down is preferred but this can also be done sitting.

2. Begin with the feet the place where we connect too the energy of the earth. Curl your toes and hold for a bit, splay them apart, move them around. Feel the tension leave them. Move your feet at the ankles, stretch them in all four directions. As you move them feel the pull of your calve muscles, feel them stretch. If your sitting use the floor as a counter force. Flex your calves utilize the ability too control these individual muscles.

3. Move too the legs. Raise your legs off the floor and into the air, feel the stretch of your hamstrings. (back of the legs) Bend the knees and pull your legs into your body. Feel the stretch pulling on muscles extending into the back. Flex your quads (front part of the legs) Feel the tension leave your legs and your lower body relax. You may feel the natural need to stretch and yawn! Go with the flow. Stretch as you feel the need and then continue.

4. Arch your back gently pushing your belly into the air. Feel the stretch into your upper and lower body. Now flex the upper back by pulling the shoulders in toward the chest and backward toward the back.

5. Flex and tense the belly allow your breath to expand your belly filling it and then completly empty your lungs allowing it too contract. Do this severel times attuning yourself too the naturalness of your very life giving breath.

6. Now breath in filling the lungs too max expanding the chest and hold for a bit. Feel the stretch in the chest muscles. Return too normal breathing. Flex the chest muscles contracting them and feel the tension.

7. Move the shoulders in circles stretching them backwards and forwards and then upwards in a shrug. Feel the tension pushed down into your arms. Continue pushing as your move to flex the back arms, the biceps, then the forarms wrists and then your hands. Clentch your hands into fists a few times wringing the negitive energy and stress out of them back out into the world. If you want too throw in a grounding session to get rid of energy do so using your connection too the earth.

8. Flex the neck muscles very gently turning your head, moving it in different circles.

9. Finish by opening your mouth in a big yawn or a roar sticking out your tongue flexing the muscles of your face.

10. Allow your whole body to lay and relax keeping your mind quiet listening too the droan of life around you. You are now in a state of peace apart from the frantic world of life. Enjoy this time and take the peace with you.

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