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An easy technique to establish the location of a hiding enemy, their state of mind and intent.

This is an easy and fun technique I learned as a little kid, no, more like "developed". I know it should be rather easy for anybody to use because I could do it before I even knew what magick was!

This will teach you how to tell the distance of an enemy in hiding, or a "spirit". It will establish their state of mind, whether it be peaceful or chaotic and give a general idea of their intents. Consider it a tracking and mind reading ritual all-in-one.

Firstly to do this, you need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and calm your mind any way you see fit, no candles or incents needed as this is not ideal for a situation where you were use this technique. Focus on your energy and spread it out in a field around you, the larger the field, the more you can get out of it and the further you will be able to see.

You should be seeing some kind of lines with colour if this is done correctly. The lines can have any colour and can be vertical or horizontal. The colour shows the persons thoughts, feeling and intent. The lines show a state of mind while the brightness of it all shows proximity to the individual.

Let me explain in more detail: A line is generally straight or slightly curved (like a jelly snake laid out straight). Sometimes on a rare occasion this line would look like a lightning bolt, jagged in places, the more straight a line the more peaceful this persons state of mind is while "lightning" shows a wrecked state of mind.

The brighter the colours, the closer they are, easy right? That's something I cannot explain and you will need to experiment with yourself. Now for the colours:

From personal experience I've detected that

Black- shows dark intentions, remember this isn't always pointed at you so don't lash out.

Red- shows deep thought to a problem or situation that person finds themselves in.

Green- shows thoughts about somebody they love.

Orange- Shows that the target has sad thoughts running through their mind.

White- shows a numbness or intention of doing good

Most likely there be specs of others colours too,like blue or brown. If anyone can find out about these and is willing to do some experimentation I'd love to hear feedback!

The "lines" are most likely the body's link to the astral planes and are just sitting there in the open, if anybody can find a way to conceal the line without damaging it, I'd love to hear about that too.

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