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Lesson Two: Creating a Scrying Space

Water Scrying 101

Lesson Two: Setting Up Your Scrying Space

Hello and welcome to Water Scrying 101. For Lesson Two, I'll be focusing on how to set up your scrying space. You can use tidbits from me, all of it, or just gather some inspiration.

The Space

For something like this, you can use a room, a well ventilated closet, or even the great outdoors. If you tend to incorporate candles, smudge sticks, or incense when water scrying, keeping the space aired is a must. If you don't typically use these things, then most areas will do. I use a walled off area of my room, where I can be safe from distractions, and feel isolated from the everyday room I use. You won't need much space, just a few feet in either direction. Try not to put your scrying room in a cold or hot area, as this can make you uncomfortable and less likely to focus.


As a place to become aware of visions and messages, having things around that draw your attention can be oxymoronic. Some things you need in your room are:

A Table and a Chair

A place to store your Scrying Box (see lesson one)

Incense, candle, or smudge stick holders if you use them

Moon Water Supply (See lesson one)

Again, very bare. If you want to warm it up a bit, put some curtains up in a subtle array colors. Beads and moon decorations are simple enough not to take away any simplicity, but shy away from overdoing anything. If you really want to put something up, put it on your altar, or in a corner where you won't see it while you Water Scry.

Outdoor Space

If you have a natural pool you want to work around, or just want to feel closer to Mother Earth, you might want an outdoor scrying space. My only reccommdation as to storing your supplies would be to keep it inside somewhere it won't be disturbed.

Choose a place away from the neighboring houses. If you have a fence, use it to your advantage. Covering it with a removable blanket/curtain can create a neat place to scry. If a tree is around your scrying pool/ideal space, put tea lights on the branches or little pretend ones if you worry about fire.

To connect to this area, try gardening nearby or putting wind chimes and bird feeders around the yard.

Additional Info Before I Continue

Incense is one thing I have trouble using while I scry. I always worry it's going to catch my veil on fire while I'm gazing, so I tend to leave it out. However, I have heard of people putting their incense on a shelf on the wall (mind it isn't too close to anything flammable) which has its benefits. Placing candles, crystals, and talismans alongside it seem perfect, especially for people who wish to use them daily. Take care to choose what feels right as to how you set up this space, and remember that everyone has a different sense of what is considered distracting.

Noises and Other People

If your house is anything like mine, people are always around, and that's just how it is. This can cause a dilemma while making your Scrying room, as I have found.

Well, technology may save our Butts just yet. Music, binaural beats, or even sounds of nature can be sent straight to our ears using headphones. Simple, quick easy fix there.

But, if you don't like listening to music and such, or find that it pulls you away from your task, you can buy some earplugs usually used for swimming. They're safe and quiet good at blocking out voices. I use them all the time.

And if those ideas don't appeal to you, scrying very early in the morning or late at night might be your best bet. Even with most noises concealed during the day, the calm that comes with dawn and dusk is entirely enchanting. Everything is still and at ease.

Keeping It Sacred

Whatever else you do with this room, keeping it sacred has to be the most important.

That means don't do your homework here or make a mess and leave it to clean up later. This is your Scrying Room, meant only for you and the deities/spirits you work with, so treat it accordingly.

Be strict with yourself, but not harsh. If you slip up and lay your keys down on the table, don't freak out. Just don't make it a habit to get lazy. Writing out a set of rules for your space and pinning them to the door on the wall may help set this mood.


Today you learned how to create and keep up with a sacred Scrying Space. Share it with your friends, and tell me what you've learned after making one for yourself. Blessed Be!

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