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This is one of my originally written articles on cursing. I hope you enjoy!


What does one think when the word cursing comes to mind? It varies from person to person. Its largely coined to be ill intent from one person onto another. Others may think of foul language. Regardless, it is largely looked down upon- Except for those who curse, of course.



How is cursing done?


Cursing is done many ways and is done differently from one practitioner another. There are many methods as well. As stated by the article, (1) Witchcraft Terms and Tools - Curse, of these methods involve spell work, chanting, prayer, having aid from an entity or just plain old mother nature. Your views on cursing will also vary the outcome. For example, if you believe in the Threefold Law, it is believed the kind of energy you put out into the world will come back to you threefold.



If you believe differently that nothing shall return in your work, then that's that. Everyone has different beliefs and they are all valid.



Are you really cursed?


As shown in this page, (2) Hexes and Curses, are some things to think about if you think you have been cursed.



Just because you are having a string of bad luck doesn't mean you've been hexed by someone. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations and they are not easy for anyone. But more often than not, they of our own making and from our own choices. We can't go back and change the things we went through. But we can learn from them and heal ourselves in the process. Blaming others for our own choices is not going to get you anywhere. It's more likely than not, that your current experiences are coming from your own worry. Just by thinking someone has cast a spell on you, you are giving that person your energy and creating anxiety for negative events even if nothing has been done to you. I strongly suggest those who believe they have been cursed, read the articles listed in the next section.



The second thing to remember about hexes is that they cannot work unless you allow them to. So if you are absolutely sure that someone has attempted to curse you, what do you need to know?



First, someone who threatens you with a hex very likely hasn't got a clue nor do they have the experience to cast such a spell upon you and produce enough energy to have any real effect. Those that have the knowledge, won't tell you they're going to smite you.


If you know for sure someone with the ability has hexed you it doesn't mean their effort will work if you know how to protect your own energy.



When to curse


When is it okay to curse? Now, this section will be short and will largely come from my own opinions and ideals, so please keep that in mind.



Usually, I see fit to curse whenever someone has made threats or has done physical, spiritual or emotional harm to you or family/friends.



Its really not that okay to curse when someone has just looked at you the wrong way, or have annoyed you slightly.


But this is just my input.


You curse however you want to and however, you please.


What to do when a curse goes wrong



As listed in (3) Negative Magic , here are a few things to check over if you feel if a curse has gone wrong.


  • Did you allow emotion to get in the way of the working? Did you word things in a way that allowed your plans to go awry? Did you spend too much time dwelling on the hoped for results and worrying about what would happen? Did you, while casting, question whether or not the working would be effective or not?


    Remember: When doing any sort of magical work it is very important to keep an open, as well as a clear mind.



    Cursing methods


    My most common way of cursing is verbal. I found a nice little post on (4)Tumblr that has some interesting cursing methods. They are the quick n easy kind though. I give out a warning about this source. Some of these methods may end up making you look bad such as spitting or smoke blowing. So please be careful. These are curses after all.



    As stated in the first paragraph of this article, you can also cast curses with spell casting, energy manipulation, help from an entity. Remember, The ThreeFold Law does not apply to everyone.



    Cursing Precautions


    Here are a few things to keep in mind before casting a curse. Its important to cleanse and protect before or after the ritual of cursing. The article,(5) Ethics and Precaution in Cursing has more info.



    That's it for this article for now. I hope you enjoyed reading. Happy Cursing!






    (1) http://www.witchcraftandwitches.com/terms_curse.html


    (2) http://www.paganspath.com/magik/hex.htm









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