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A list of a few warnings and recommendations when working with dragon spirits.

Dragons are, in all respect, very wise and long-lived beings. This means that you must be very respectful when asking to be one of them or asking to use their energy to aid in your own spells of different workings, blessings, ect.

Things to watch out for when working with Dragons:

  •  Never raise your voice, this is part of respecting them.
  •  Watch what you say, negative words towards them or another may result in them leaving and not giving any energy at all.
  •  Since most contacted are astral It may be best if you do not use their magic for spiteful or wretched purposes. Not all Dragons are hateful by nature.
  •  They only give energy if they wish to give energy, so attracting the right dragons for the right purposes are very important. For example, don't contact a Fire Dragon for a nature or plant-based spell, and vice versa.
  • Dragons can be rude if you deserve it, and as such it is best to respect them.

If you are looking to attract them, make sure you've got one or more the following:

  •   Some type of Incense or candle, normally Incense works best.
  •   A dragon-like object that reminds you of a true dragon (so no pictures/toys of Toothless, more or less like Saphira.), as it will show you respect them enough to keep a totem of them in your home (Which may also invite a dragon into your house).
  •  Music! Most, if not all dragons are drawn to music. If you have a small handheld drum or ritualistic instrument use it! Your results should be better.
  •   Gemstones, if not tumbled stones, as that myth that dragons hoard things is mostly true, and an offering of a gem to them will entice them to give energy, as they can 'adopt' the stone on the astral plane. Afterwards, burying the stone is best.

And finally, some warnings to some spells:

  •   If it involves raw meat or killing an animal, it most likely will do nothing but sicken you!
  •  Be wary of what it says, if no music or rhyme is involved it may reject dragon's attention.
  •  Fire is never something that should be messed with, as not all dragons prefer fire or heat.
  •  Blood used to bind in a spell, before placing the blood sanitize the surroundings to protect against germs
  •  Lastly, if it involves hurting something or someone, consider it false.

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